Do you truly need money to go on after you make the decision? Might not be for travel buffs, but budget constraints matter for those who know the value of every penny earned at the cost of dreams and comfort. And if I talk about trekking, then expensive trekking tour packages eliminate our shimmering desire. But wait a while! Indian Himalayas brings a range of priceless trekking options that can be explored within the budget range of 8-20k. Every level, from the very basic grades to the challenging ones, falls under this category and can be customized to budget if the trip is done in groups. without compromising on the level of comfort, Trekkers can witness some unsurpassed mountain scenery and feel a different thrill that any trekker would like to experience in a high-altitude trek.Let us have a look at the best budget treks in India before making your pick. You can also go on a trip to beas kund trek.


One of the most budget-friendly Himalayan treks, it boasts pristine beauty and alluring camping sites. Kedarkantha trek can be your best bet for winter trekking in India. During your hiking adventure, stroll across a carpet of brown leaves in the beautiful, emerald pine forests.. This summit is covered with nature scenes and colors waiting to be revealed. Catch a glimpse of the snow peaks and have a 360-degree view of the ancient peak as you step onto the trek site.The hike is amazing because you get to glimpse the massive Himalayas from the peaks.


A natural paradise! Really. Imagine that you get drenched in the extravaganza of some Buddhist-friendly Himalayan trek. Sandakphu is one such beautiful place where trekking is a pleasure. It is home to the highest peaks in the world along with the fourth and fifth highest peaks. The mighty masses of Everest (8848 m), Kangchenjunga (8586 m), Lhotse (8516 m), and Makalu (8463 m) can be seen standing atop the Sandakphu summit. Apart from these, many peaks and groups of Nepal, Tibet and Bhutan can also be captured. You can indulge in camping activity on your Sandakphu trek with parts of Nepal and India as mountains have no boundaries. However,views of forests, rhododendrons and magnolias can be seen from this trek.activities


Popular for its riot of colorful blooming flowers, especially the blue primal, this destination offers one of the best low-budget Himalayan treks. Surrounded by snow-capped mountains on one side and the Valley of Flowers on the other,it is a picturesque destination that allures you to plan a hiking trip to this valley.The beautiful lake Hemkund is situated at an altitude of 4300 meters. Situated in heavenly surroundings and the serene river passes through between the two ranges.


Chandrashila, which literally translates to “Moon Rock,” is one of the more expensive Himalayan hikes.. Many stories have been told about this expedition… It is also considered to be the holy place where Lord When Rama had vanquished the evil king Ravana, he meditated.. This incredible trekking route provides a 360-degree overview of the magnificent Himalayas.. The trail passes through rocky meadows and deep forests as it slowly rises up from its base camp. Discover the spectacular and stunning trekking trail from Deoria Tal to Chandrashila.The major attraction of this trek is the Tungnath Temple which invites various devotees to the place.You will encounter some panoramic views of Nanda Devi, Kedarnath, Neelkanth and Panchchuli during your trek.It is an ideal place for novice trekkers on Chopta Chandrashila trek to hike in the abundance of nature.


The Kuari Pass Trek is recognized as one of the spectacular short treks in the Himalayan region.Perfectly designed for starters, this is the place to be if you’re planning your first hiking trip.The Kuari Pass trek is widely used by local shepherds to graze their cattle.As far as the experience is concerned, be sure to check out the majestic mountain scenery, thick stretches of greenery,forested trails and amazing campsites.Enjoy the campsite set amidst the forests,with views of Mount Dronagiri in the background. Kuari Devi lets you take a closer look at the surreal beauty of the mighty mountains.You will walk through pristine forests,with just the right amount of vegetation.These are magical and vintage which makes the trek more interesting.Climb to the top of the trail,boasting in all its glory,to witness the mesmerizing view of Nandi Devi peak.


India’s famous and best budget Himalayan trek,Har Ki Doon Trek is a reward for watching.It is the most visited trekking trail to witness the beauty of the mountains.A cradle-shaped destination with stunning and mesmerizing amphitheater-like views, this is one of the popular old treks located in the region of the great Himalayas. The snow-capped mountains will mesmerize you with their picturesque sights and steps.It is said that Yudhishthira,the great Pandava,proceeded to Swargarohini,the mountain peak at Har Ki Doon,while making his way to heaven.This trekking trail is full of alpine forests with rich vegetation and wildlife and snow-capped peaks. It is about 2 days hiking to Har Ki Doon starting from Taluka village.As you climb to the top of this mighty trek, you will discover the heavenly destinations of the Ganges, Osaka and Seema 


Popularly known as Chandratal Lake,Chandratal Lake Trek along Hampta Pass is a popular trekking destination in Ladakh.It has everything that is exciting and is close to Kunzum Pass and Lahaul area.It is a splendid tourist destination,which is vividly situated for its forest and round shape.This lake trek becomes even more exciting in winters when the entire region is covered with snow making it a perfect wonderland.It is believed that the Chandratal Lake is located at the spot from where the chariot of Lord Indra picked up Yudhishthira,the eldest of the Pandava brothers.As a result,it caught the attention of Hindu pilgrims,who come to experience the fascinating Chandratal Lake..


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