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3kW vs 8kW vs 20kW Of Solar- What will it power?


When you are planning to enjoy a renewable solar energy system, the most important thing that you need to do first is to decide the size of it. There are several factors that determine the size of a solar panel system. So, it goes without saying, that before you look for Solar Installers near me, you should carefully consider your energy requirements.

Solar Power and Solar Energy

A 20kW Solar System, and for that matter, any solar system does not use power, but rather utilize power. However, the math that we learned in the lightbulb example applies here too. If a 100 W Solar Panel receives 10 hours of peak sunlight, then it is capable of generating 1000 watt-hours of energy or we can say 1 kWh.

Here you should note that when we talk about how much energy is generated by a solar system, we use the term “peak sun hours”. Remember that the sun may be up for 12 hours a day but the thing is that the sun is not at full strength for the whole day. When we speak of the peak sun hours, we actually mean the number of hours in which the sun is at its full force.

How much energy can be produced by a 3kW Solar System?

Once you install a 3kW Solar Power System with the help of Solar Installers near me,they are capable of generating around 375 kWh or 12 kWh daily. Now, with average household use, that is enough to run a 55-gallon water heater.

How much energy can be produced by a 5Kw Solar System?

A 5kW Solar System can normally generate around 625 kWh per month. And that’s more than enough to keep 1 room cool.

How much energy can be produced by an 8kW Solar System?

These solar systems are quite popular among consumers. They are capable of producing around 1000 kWh per month, which is enough to cover the average electric usage of a small house in a temperate climate with all glass appliances.

How much energy is produced by a 10kW Solar System?

10W Solar Systems can provide energy that is capable of providing enough energy for any type of small home, together with an electric vehicle that can average 25 miles per day.

How much energy can be produced by a 15kW to 20kW Solar System?

A 20kW Solar System is capable of generating more energy than the consumption of an average home. But, if you live in areas that have a hot climate, or you have a large home, that requires constant air conditioning, then it definitely makes sense to go for a 15kW or a 20kW Solar System.

4 Tips to Size a Solar Panel System for your Home

(1) Make a calculation of your Average Energy Usage: The first thing that you need to do to size a solar energy system for your home is to calculate your energy usage in a year. You can easily determine the average amount of energy you use by going through the electric bills for the past 12 months. Then, select the size system that will offset the desired percentage of your electric usage.

(2) Look at your available roof space: While sizing your solar system, there are some other factors that you need to consider like the available roof space. Suppose you decide on a 15kW Solar System but your roof only has room for 12 solar panels on your roof, then you might have to compromise on it.

In such a scenario, what you can do is you can tell the Solar Installers near me, to use higher-watt solar panels as that would help in maximizing energy from your limited space.

(3) Perform a thorough assessment of your Roof Orientation: There are many who may be unaware of the fact that roof orientation does matter. In all our previous examples, it is taken as a general rule that the solar panels face south. If your roof faces east or west, there will be less power generated by the solar system. So, you will definitely require a bigger system to achieve the kWh you want.

(4) Calculate the full cost of Solar: Another factor that needs to be taken into consideration is the payback of the solar energy system before you call for Solar Installers near me. You should make a comparison between the costs of electricity from your utility company with the cost of your solar panel system. If we take an example, an 8kW Solar system costs more per watt than a 20kW Solar System. What comes out is that the larger your system is, the lower will be the average cost per kWh generated.


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