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4 Home Remedies for Lowering Cholesterol Levels


A waxy substance that looks like fat is known as cholesterol. This substance is made by the liver. Animal-based foods also contain an amount of this substance, and it plays a role in performing many functions in the body but when there are high levels of this substance in the body it creates problems like severe health conditions.

According to the different medical institutes, the choices of an individual affect the levels of high cholesterol. In addition, genetics, the use of several medications, and some health problems can also contribute to increased cholesterol.

It is quite easy to check whether the levels of cholesterol are high or low in the body. A doctor can recommend a lipid profile test to check these levels, or on your own, you can get this test done. Additionally, you can check the price of this test from the lipid profile test price.

It is worthy to tell you that high levels of cholesterol would not cause any symptoms. However, these high levels would increase the risk of heart disorders. Sometimes, when it becomes much more difficult to control high levels of cholesterol doctors can recommend different medicines to lower them. But these medications can also leave some side effects on the body while lowering high cholesterol levels.

Therefore, in this article, there is a detail of some wonderful home remedies that will effectively reduce the levels of high cholesterol.

Home Remedies for Lowering Cholesterol Levels

These home remedies will effectively lower cholesterol levels if you follow them:

1.      Eat Soluble Fiber

A group of different compounds in plants is known as soluble fiber. This fiber can easily be dissolved in water but human beings can’t digest them. However, the presence of beneficial bacteria in the gut can digest this fiber. For a fact, these bacteria require soluble fiber for their own nutrition.

In this regard, medical researchers have shown that probiotics can be effective enough to reduce LDL levels. Additionally, a review of studies also found that whole grains can also decrease lower density lipoprotein as well as total cholesterol. The consumption of whole grains will only reduce bad cholesterol and will not affect the levels of good cholesterol.

If you are taking statins to lower high cholesterol levels with soluble fiber then the effectiveness of statins will increase significantly.

In addition, the benefits of soluble fiber also extend to other diseases. A large number of health studies found that the consumption of fiber can reduce the risks of death by 15 percent.

The best way to consume soluble fiber is to consume it from natural sources such as peas, oat cereals, Brussels sprouts, etc.

Taking fiber from supplements such as psyllium can also be another great way to consume soluble fiber.

2.      Avoid Trans Fats

It is really to avoid the use of trans fats because all most all manufacturers use trans fats in their products as they are cheap. Friend foods and prepackaged foods are some of the sources of trans fats.

A health association says that the consumption of trans fats usually affects human health in two ways. First, the use of trans fats increases bad cholesterol levels and they can also decrease the levels of good cholesterol.

When there is an imbalance between the levels of good and bad cholesterol in the body the chances of heart disease tend to increase significantly, and the body also becomes unable to remove bad cholesterol because there is a decrease in the levels of good cholesterol.

3.      Exercise

Don’t you know about win-win practices for your health? Exercise is one of them that effectively improves your heart health. There is an improvement in your physical fitness and a decrease in the danger of obesity. In addition, it can also balance the levels of good and bad cholesterol.

Medical practitioners believe that spending 150 minutes every week for exercise will be effective enough to lower bad cholesterol levels.

A study found that when women with obesity did aerobic exercise it helped them a lot in lowering harmful cholesterol levels. These women exercise by walking and jumping jacks. Aerobic exercises can improve heart activities by decreasing bad cholesterol and raising good cholesterol.

4.      Healthy Sleep Habits

It is difficult to maintain good health if you are not getting enough sleep. Every single person needs different sleep amounts. However, the average amount of hours is seven.

A study found that there is a link between poor sleep quality and high bad cholesterol. In this regard, researchers are still trying to find out how sleep habits affect the levels of cholesterol.

But there are also some researchers that indicate that the levels of good cholesterol are low in people with insufficient sleep. Therefore, healthy sleep patterns, for everyone, are essential.


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