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5 Best Webinar Software for Your Next Event


An increasingly common marketing and sales tactic is hosting webinars. It has been particularly demonstrated to work well for high-ticket SaaS goods, B2B sales, and online courses. Having to register and show up at a specified time, developing a personal connection with the audience, and the webinar’s instructional value are some of the factors that make them so successful.

Online webinar software is used to capture and share high-quality audio and video for hosting educational lectures, communicating with customers, and selling items. This platform is a well-liked resource for connecting with potential customers while relaxing in your own house, particularly in light of COVID-19, which has elevated social isolation to the status of a serious safety concern. Online webinar platforms, on the other hand, make it easier to communicate effectively with your audience digitally.

Selecting the right live webinar software is crucial if you want to increase attendance, engage your audience fully, have the tools for effective follow-up, and gain the most crucial data from the analytics dashboard. Are you searching for the top webinar hosting service to run your online webinar on? If so, you are in the proper location. You may get a list of the best webinar platforms. in this session.

Best interactive webinar platform in 2022

#1 WebinarNinja

You can run Live, Automated, Hybrid, and Series webinars with WebinarNinja, an all-in-one web-based webinar platform. You can show your screen, upload and share your presentations, organize live conversations, use Q&As, conduct surveys, and present special offers. Your high-definition webinar broadcast and audience interactions will always be in real-time without any latency thanks to this online webinar platform’s usage of the most recent live video technology, known as WebRTC. With the help of the webinar software, you can also automatically send follow-up emails to both participants and non-attendees as well as confirmation and reminder emails to those who have registered.


  • Can customize the email contents and add shortcodes
  • Q&A has timestamps
  • Custom questions on the sign-up form
  • Connectivity troubleshooter in the live webinar room
  • Automatic webinar recording
  • Detailed webinar attendance & interaction analytics
  • Webinar video & email list exports

#2 Zoho Meeting 

One of the greatest live webinar software on the market for enticing and informing potential customers about your offers is Zoho Meeting. The Indian Zoho webinar software broadcasts a screen, starts polls, and holds Q&A sessions in real-time. Use the technology as a platform for online webinars to record, view, and share webinars. It can also be used to analyze reports in order to find leads and turn them into customers.


  • Follow up emails 
  • Polls and surveys
  • Screen sharing 
  • Dial in number 
  • Registrant report
  • Switch presenter

#3 Demio 

Demio gives your audience a straightforward, no-download webinar experience and gives you all the marketing resources you need to increase sales. You can select the finest HD webinar option for your event from Demio’s five different varieties, including Live, Series, Hybrid, Automated, and On-Demand. Your branding and logo can be used on all of your event materials, regardless of the type of event you choose.

You can share videos right from Demio or submit presentation slides. The user-friendly and aesthetically beautiful browser-based platform keeps viewers interested. You may also utilize featured CTAs to promote deals during your online webinars, run interactive polls and Q&As, and distribute downloaded handouts, gifts, and prizes. Additionally, you have all the resources you need, such as personalized registration and thank-you sites, email notifications, and contact management, to effectively sell and promote your webinar events.


  • Live & Automated webinars
  • Extremely easy to set up
  • Custom questions on the registration page
  • Automatic webinar recording
  • Continuous registration tracking
  • Continuous attendance & focus tracking
  • Mark live chat messages as questions for better sorting

#4 GetResponse

Although GetResponse is best known for its email marketing platform, it also offers webinar software that’s intended to boost engagement and conversions. Additionally, thanks to the close connectivity, you can send automated email invitations and reminders to nurture your leads. When you’re hosting a webinar, it’s simple to keep your audience interested because you can share your screen, use interactive whiteboards to generate ideas, have live discussions, get feedback through polls, and advertise your exclusive deals using CTA buttons. You can use GetResponse to record your live webinars and create evergreen on-demand webinars that your audience may access whenever they want.


  • Marketing automation
  • Auto funnel
  • Landing pages
  • Responsive email design
  • Inbox preview
  • Automated single Opt-in-imports
  • Landing page A/B Testing

#5 Dreamcast 

Dreamcast is a reputable webinar and hybrid events service provider that equips marketing experts and event planners to forge real human relationships and foster enduring growth. With a user-friendly yet comprehensive set of configurable and interactive features, Dreamcast is reinventing how marketers communicate with their consumers as a leading live webinar platform 

Dreamcast is a respected provider of the webinar and hybrid event services that gives marketing specialists and event organizers the tools they need to create lasting human connections. Dreamcast, a top live webinar platform, is revolutionizing how marketers interact with their customers with user-friendly and interactive features.

  • Best features of Dreamcast 
  • Smart Event Registration, Ticketing & RSVP
  • Marketing & Automation
  • Whatsapp-Driven Communication
  • Effortless Networking Possibilities
  • White Labeled Mobile Event App
  • Data Analytics & Reports


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