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7 Best Solutions to Convert WTV to MP4

7 Best Solutions to Convert WTV to MP4
7 Best Solutions to Convert WTV to MP4

7 Best Solutions to Convert WTV to MP4 Do you have a WTV file, and are you finding it difficult to open in your video players?

We all know that windows recorded TV shows, or WTV is a not very famous and compatible formats of media files. You can only open these files on VLC. And with these features, the file is always needed to be converted into MP4 format for smooth and convenient running. 

If looking for the suggestions, one can be overwhelmed with the WTV to MP4 convertor choices. However, to make your WTV file more compatible, use the converters to convert WTV to MP4 listed below.

7 Best Solutions to Convert WTV to MP4
7 Best Solutions to Convert WTV to MP4

Joyoshare Vidiki

The all-in-one video editor where most of your searches end, Joyoshare is a toolkit that offers expert-level edits to give your work a distinctive and professional touch. 

Joyoshare converts WTV to files MP4 in one of the most effortless ways one can imagine of. 

Here’s what it offers

  • Professional Look

It trims and merges videos so conveniently without disturbing the quality. just requires a few clicks to remove watermarks and add text as needed.

  • Music and Audio Recorder

records video without any sound lag and presents easy edits for sound. The high-quality features help you to produce top-rated and the most desirable effects.

It converts various significant formats with simple steps to follow and do.

  • Video Compression

Joyoshare has forty times higher compression speed than any other tool, whether dual or batch compression. Quality work in less time is something that makes it a five-star rated tool

  • Repairing of videos

It repairs videos irrespective of the formats and sound and image quality.


If not every, most formats, especially WTV to MP4, are swiftly converted with Handbrake. The best thing about Handbrake is that it provides multi-platforms, i.e. Windows, Mac and Linux, which is a significant convenience.


  • It had Built-in Presets, which gave it a wide range of choices for great edits.
  •  Input Support of sources helps to have most of the multimedia support to have any files converted.


If it is to convert WTV files to MP4 free and easily, FreeConvert brings the ultimate solution. It is used online, so you don’t need to install any software or app. In other words, just a few clicks, and your job is done.


Works for Windows, Mac, Linux, and any mobile device

It can cater to up to 20 files at a time.

A variety of editing features.


Another solution to convert WTV to MP4 free of the cost comes with the name of CloudConvert. You can use it to get 25 conversions per day for free, and with several exciting features to bring more colours to your work.


  • It provides offline access.
  • A data storage facility is available.
  • Third-party integration with recognition of Optical Character.


Made friendly with every browser, Convertio is free and one too to convert WTV to MP4 with ease. It handles all types of files and is primarily used to perform huge tasks.

One of the best things about Convertio is that it does all the conversions in the cloud and does not use the space of your device.


  • Customised settings are available.
  • It is fast and handy.
  • Guarantees security and privacy of the uploaded files.
  • Compatible with all types of devices.


A person who owns a device cannot help but be introduced to a VLC toolkit. It is one of the most popular tools to change WTV to MP4 and is popular amongst those who look for an easy way to handle files.

It supports nearly all the formats and types of devices and converts WTV to MP4 free.


  • Simple steps to convert WTV to MP4.
  • Supports many formats.
  • Available free with no limitations.


FFmpeg claims to be a complete solution to change WTV to MP4 or any other file format and has proved to be right with it. It provides an array of features to convert your videos and edit precisely how you need them. It is an open-source tool, which means anybody can modify it.


  • Supports all formats.
  • A variety of features and tools are available.
  • Provides regularly updated version.
  • Can cater for a more extensive range of audios and Videos import and export.


You should get your WTV files converted to MP4 for a more convenient and easy watch. The change can be beneficial, especially if it is needed to be edited.

The above solutions to your problems are carefully chosen to give you more control over your choices, which can be easily manipulated with the vast number of options available everywhere. 

This article brings you a detailed guide to getting the one you require. Users find them exceptionally well and are rated among the top tools for converting WTV to MP4.


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