Home Technology A look into the wizardry of screw barrels.

A look into the wizardry of screw barrels.


The plastic and rubber industry calls for specialized equipment at a massive rate, and these implements are crucial in keeping the cogs of the industry turning. When it comes to these specialized pieces of equipment, screw barrels are a critical component that is widely used. Here, we will be taking a look at the various types of screw barrels that are a mainstay of the plastic and rubber industries. So, let’s start.

The screw barrel wizardry.

Every industry requires certain specialized components to function effectively and efficiently, and the same holds for the plastic and rubber industries. Annually, these industries manufacture a gargantuan quantity of commodities, and the products that are manufactured by the companies operating in this sector, call for different processes. Something like a rubber screw barrel is prevalently employed in manufacturing tires, rubber profiles, sheets, etc. Let us take a look at the screw barrels.

  • Conical twin screw barrel- The extrusion process is quite difficult in the absence of proper implements, and this is where a conical twin screw barrel comes in. These screw barrels are custom-made in several cases and are primarily crafted out of metal alloys. These machines can be prominently found in granulation extrusion, panel extrusion, profile extrusion, sheet extrusion, pipe extrusion, etc. If you are someone who is looking to get one for your company but do not know the exact proportions that would fit, some screw barrels companies would physically visit your plant to take the sizes and scales.
  • Parallel twin screw barrel- The portfolio of screw barrel manufacturers is pretty extensive when it comes to pairing up the appropriate barrel with the right application. Parallel twin screw barrels are primarily used for large capacity extruder and is prevalently used in the manufacture of panel extrusion, profile extrusion, pipe extrusion, board extrusion, etc. These screws are constructed out of alloys like SKD61, D2, 40Cr, etc, and are corrosion and rust-resistant.
  • Bimetallic screw barrelNowadays, the bimetallic screw barrel is preferred over the nitriding screw barrel, thanks to their longer usable periods. These screws are a collective term used to denote bimetallic single screws and twin screws. The applications they serve are pretty similar to the conical and parallel screw barrels, that is, extrusion. The bimetallic screw barrel’s composition depends on alloys like colmonoy 56, colmonoy 83, etc. These screw barrels are popular for being corrosion and rust-resistant.
  • Rubber screw barrelThe rubber industry calls for several specialized equipment, and the rubber screw barrel is one such implement. For these screw barrels to be determined as high quality, they must be temperature resistant, anti-wear, anti-corrosion, high torque, and have exceptional cutting performance. The rubber screw barrel is employed in manufacturing tires, rubber sheets, rubber profiles, etc., and is crafted out of alloys like stainless steel 304, 42CrMo, etc. If you are looking for rubber screw barrels, it is advisable that you do your research, and pick one that suits your purpose in the best possible way.
  • Injection screw barrel- The modern world is characterized by massive waves of commodities, and injection screw barrels play a critical role in manufacturing a large percentage of those commodities. Everything from chargers to headphones, and even in the aerospace industry, the injection screw barrel can be found in all. These miraculous machines are a staple of the plastic industry and are crafted out of alloys like SKD61, 31CrMoV9, etc.

These are just some of the several forms of screw barrels that are available on the market. There are several factors that one must look out for while ordering these screw barrels, let us take a look at them.

  • The manufacturing quality- Crafting something like a bimetallic screw barrel calls for high levels of precision, and since these pieces of machinery are used in conjunction with others, it is important to note that they fit in properly. Precision manufacturing and testing them for the right tolerances is something that every manufacturer should take care of. Thus, it is advisable that you get your screw barrels from a manufacturer that takes care of these processes effectively.
  • The sizes- Factories come in all shapes and sizes, and thus a one-size-fits-all policy won’t cut it when it comes to screw barrel manufacturing. When you get in touch with the manufacturers, they would ask for the exact sizes so that they can craft the perfect screw barrel for you, or deliver one that fits. In case you do not possess the appropriate measures, some manufacturers would physically send down a team to analyse the situation, thereby delivering the best possible results.

Final take:

The plastic and rubber industries are quite competitive, and specialized equipment is called for in large numbers. Something like a bimetallic screw barrel from a reputed and reliable manufacturer can help the company boost production numbers, and thus revenue.


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