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A Quick Guide to the Features and Benefits of a Biometric Face Scanner


The popularity of face recognition has been a result of the recent rapid digitization. Facial identification online is useful for both detecting fraud and keeping track of attendance at work. A biometric face scanner is a great tool for combating fraud due to the number of artificial intelligence algorithms that they employ. By 2024, the facial recognition industry is predicted to grow to $9.06 billion. 

An AI-powered technique called facial recognition verification authenticates an end user against the picture on any government-issued identity document. It facilitates the verification and reduces the likelihood of deep fakes, spoof attacks, replay assaults, and 3D face masks during customer onboarding.

Features of Biometric Face Scanner 

Facial verification provides security measures and stops scammers from causing any harm. The following are some features that the face verification system provides:

  • Liveness Detection

Through minute facial movements, the recognition technology can determine whether someone is alive. The AI-based facial recognition match can recognize little movements like a grin or an eye blink. Therefore, there are no possibilities that a criminal might produce a printed photograph, a snapshot of a person, etc. When using video authentication, the user has to record a selfie while making some facial expressions, such as a grin or blinking eyes.Artificial intelligence (AI)-based technology notices the movement and confirms that a real human is performing the verification.

  • 3D Depth Analysis

3D depth detection tests are crucial to ensuring that the document hasn’t been tampered with by images. It matches different areas on the picture with those already there in the database. This feature combines the use of 3D detection, skin texture analysis, as well as human intelligence.

  • Deep Fake Identification

When a merchant chooses to use videos for personal identification or video verification, the software performs a variety of AI-based checks. They include 3D depth detection, picture distortion evaluation, and skin texture analysis to identify any deep fakes.

Benefits of Biometric Face Scanner

Millions of identity theft cases are recorded each year, and because of technology, criminals are also getting better at what they do. Simple fraud detection and mitigation methods are no longer effective in the business world, making digital identity verification methods essential. Therefore, face scanning technology is an important component of any company’s operations. Various industries all across the globe have benefited from it. Let’s get right to some advantages of face detection.

  1. Seamless Customer Onboarding 

Customers of today require a very quick onboarding procedure that takes no more than a minute to complete. Without automation, firms risk losing clients due to laborious human processes. Clients leave organizations during the induction program because of the complicated procedures. Businesses can offer a cutting-edge customer onboarding experience by utilizing digital face verification services. 

  • Robust Identity Verification Service

It is necessary to have a technology that increases the effectiveness of the identity validation process. Thus, a verification technique becomes more authentic by using biometric technology. Facial recognition will quickly spot the problem if a scammer has presented a counterfeit ID or one that has been modified.

  • Age Verification to Protect Minors 

It’s crucial to protect children from the dangers of the digital world; thus the standard “I’m over 18” checks are insufficient. Youngsters might easily submit the identification documents of their parents or guardians for validation and use a false birthdate to avoid identity verification. Businesses can confirm the live appearance of the individual whose identity cards have been presented using a biometric face scanner.

Importance of Reliable and Secure Identity Authentication 

Modern technology is now a necessity to tackle unusual fraudster activities, which makes things more difficult for enterprises. Businesses can identify any effort at phishing scams with the aid of a strong identity verification process. The IDV system’s resilience will grow with the addition of facial recognition. Overall, secure and trustworthy authentication aids businesses in effectively battling fraudsters.

Final Thoughts

Face verification is the most effective method of combating scammers in different sectors. A biometric face scanner produces results quickly, and that is extremely accurate. Due to the simple and quick integration of such systems, international firms may easily comply with regulations, onboard new customers, and reduce theft. Face authentication stops all efforts at the very beginning, regardless of how many variables a criminal alters to enter a company’s system.


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