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Ananthagiri Hills – Weekend getaway from Hyderabad



The most beautiful and stunning tourist attraction located in the Indian state of Andhra Pradesh is Ananthagiri Hills. It’s now the top of Indian tourist destinations due it is a tourist destination. It is also recognized it is believed that Osmansagar along with Himayat Sagar receive their water from the Ananthagiri hills. The background of the area uncovers the caves of the past hills, hill towns, and fort that date back to the medieval era of Ananthagiri. The Ananthagiri hills are the most ideal hiking routes and are a hiker’s delight. The charming town drains blend with the scent of the coffee, and splendor of tropical herbs creating a stunning and stunning. It’s an ideal spot for newlyweds to have fun on their honeymoon, as well as family getaways. Anyone who is looking to trek discover it to be a popular destination.

Best time to visit:

Ananthagiri Hills can be visited all year round, but it is recommended to visit between October to March. The climate of the hills of Ananthagiri is a pleasant one in winterwith temperature that range between 16 and 22 degree Celsius. This is why it’s the perfect time to visit Ananthagiri Hills. The entire hill is breathtaking at this time of the year, looking like wedding gowns, and the atmosphere is filled with lovely scent fresh ground espresso which enhances the overall ambience.

Because of the rising temperatures that can reach forty degrees Celsius and the sticky weather that follows during the summer months, we generally stay clear of this spot. Also, from May to August , we experience monsoon weather, which is not suitable for hiking and other outdoor activities such as boating, which can be a source of hazard due to the heavy rain.

How to arrive?

If you’re planning to go to Ananthagiri hills, you can take three forms of transportation like planes by car, through railways.

By Plane:-

The closest airport to Ananthagiri hills can be found at Visakhapatnam Airport which is nearly around 58 kilometers. From there, you can take any other method of transportation to get to Ananthagiri hills.

By Road:-

Visitors can take a trip to The Ananthagiri hills by using buses , or in their own vehicles or by hiring a taxi to take you to the hill.

By Rail:-

The closest railway station for Ananthagiri hills is Srikakulam. Ananthagiri hills can be found at Srikakulam which is situated just 3 kilometers far from Ananthagiri hills. From there you can get either a bus or an taxi

Top tourist destinations Ananthagiri Hills:

Ananthagiri Hills from a Viewpoint:

Ananthagiri Hills Viewpoint Ananthagiri Hills viewpoint is often referred to in the form of Godamguda Viewpoint, allows visitors to take in the stunning beauty in the mountains from a bird’s-eye viewpoint. It is a great spot for tourists to see. Furthermore, the trek is easy. Once you’ve climbed to the summit of the hill, you’ll be able to spend time with your partner and take photos of the amazing panorama of Ananthagiri Hills’ lush vegetation as a souvenir. Ananthagiri Hills is a well-liked spot for travelers to catch close-up views of nature, and snap photos of stunning landscapes to take in. In the state of Telangana’s Godamguda district known for its Padmapuram Gardens and Musi River located just 1.7 kilometers away.

Borra Caves:-

Within Vizag you can find one of the most beautiful locations known as Borra Caves, which you must explore if you’re fascinated by suspense and magic. Borra Caves is situated in the Anantha Hilla of Araku Valley and is a place you would love exploring and hike through the valley. Borra Caves is the best tourist attraction on The East Coast of India. Borra Caves boast the most amazing nature, and are spread over the area of 2 square. kilometers and situated at the highest point of 1400 m.

Padmapuram Gardens:-

Padmapuram Gardens is the place with three cottages that are located near the heart of Araku Valley.

Katiki Waterfalls:-

You can also take in the stunning view of waterfalls which the water falls from a 50-foot height after a trek of two kilometers. This is the perfect spot to snap amazing images and take in the view while sipping coffee.


From the above, you could probably have guessed that this spot is among the top weekends away from Hyderabad. The place is everything but heaven. I would highly recommend you visit The Ananthagiri hills and enjoy a few hours with the natural beauty of mother nature.


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