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Can gift cards be purchased with a gift card?


A couple of times, people have tried to turn “can gift cards be purchased with a gift card” into a debatable topic.

However, I see no wrong to debate on such a topic if you want to.

You see, If I have an Amazon gift card, but want an eBay gift that I do not want to spend anything gem to get, my idea is to trade my Amazon gift card for the eBay gift card, the first question that will come up in my mind will be, can gift cards be purchased with a gift card?

You can now imagine how difficult such a question is to be answered, and of course, it is worth debating.

In this article, you will be making findings regarding “can gift cards be purchased with a gift card”, I will also explain why you are not allowed to buy gift cards with gift cards, and also solve different problems regarding purchasing a gift card with a gift card.

So, without wasting time, let us proceed –

Can Gift Cards Be Purchased With A Gift Card?

No, gift cards can not be used to buy another gift card according to Shopify. But there are people who have created a website to be used for exchanging not purchasing gift cards for gift cards.

Aside from using a gift card exchange website you can not afford to purchase a gift card with a gift card.

Other than using the exchanging gift card website, you can trade your gift card with family and friends if you want to.

Later on in this guide, I will be guiding you on how to use a gift card to purchase a gift card

How To Use A Gift Card To Purchase A Gift Card

Gift cards are not officially purchased for gifts but using a gift card exchange, it is possible to purchase a gift card using a gift card.

Using a gift card exchange, you do not need to follow up on complicated steps. Below are steps of how to use a gift card to purchase a gift card using an exchange –

  • Find a gift card exchange
  • Check to confirm if the gift card exchange accepts the gift card you want to exchange
  • Compare the value of the gift card you have with the one you want to have
  • Exchange the gift card with your chosen exchange.

It has been assumed right from when people started asking “can gift cards be purchased with a gift card” that the best way to exchange gift cards is through family and friends.

If your family member or any of your friends has a gift card you want, and you have a gift card your friend wants, the best thing to do at that moment is to exchange it with the person.

Where Can I Use Gift Cards To Purchase Gift Cards?

1.   Gift Card Spread

Gift card spread has enough gift cards ready for cash exchange for impressive discounts which is up to 31%. The website is user-friendly.

Although this website is user-friendly, it has a complicated selling process. If you do not have experience with gift card spread, it will be difficult for you to use it because the website has a poor BBB rating and a history of negative reviews.

2.   Raise

Raise is a gift card exchange platform that is modernized and also easy to sell, buy and earn rewards.

Raise has a mobile app that is equally easy to operate as its website. You can also exchange gift cards for cash at Raise, but you will get an 80% – 90% of your gift card’s value.

Although Raise has a website that is informative and user-friendly, it still faces a slower payout time than other gift card exchanges.

3.   Gift Card Granny

Gift card granny has a maximum payment which is up to 92%.

This website has an impressive rating and is also BBB accredited.

It has a good cashback which saves money on every purchase.

However, Gift card granny does not buy gift cards from users though it is a free app.

4.   CardCash

CardCash is disappointing to certain gift card users because of its less percentage in gift card exchange.

However, the CardCash website is easily navigated, user-friendly, and has misleading savings.

The CardCash exchange has a fast payout and an option to trade unwanted cards.

5.   Card Kangaroo

With Card Kangaroo you can purchase physical gift cards. Also, you can sell your gift card up to 85% out of the 100% you purchased.

This website also has a fast selling process…

Shipping a gift card at Card Kangaroo is not considered an issue because it is processed for free.

6.   GiftCardBin

GiftCardBin is somewhat related to Card Kangaroo in terms of buying and selling value.

You can issue your gift card at GiftCardBin at a value of 85%. GiftCardBin has good customer service and also has good discounts on different gift card purchases.

It Is Free To Purchase A Gift Card Using Another Gift Card

Yes, you can purchase a gift card using another gift card without adding any cash to process the transaction.

Most often than not, purchasing a gift card for a gift card depends.

It Is Safe To Use A Gift Card You Purchased With Another Gift Card

Yes, there is nothing wrong with using a purchased gift card with a gift card for any affordable gift card transaction.

Why I Should Use Gift Card To Buy Gift Card

It might be because of the value of the gift card you have. Most people exchange gift cards for gift cards due to the transaction they want to process.

Why Am I Not Allowed To Buy Gift Card With Gift Card

If you are using your gift card’s official website to make an exchange of gift cards or redeem gift cards for money, you will not be approved.

So, instead of using your gift card exchange to sell your gift card, use another exchange that does not manufacture gift cards. They could be online or physical.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can I Transfer Money From Amazon Gift Card To Target?

No, you can not transfer money from an Amazon gift card to a Target gift card. Amazon and Target gift cards are not in any way related.

Does Buying Gift Cards With Gift Cards Legit?

Yes, buying a gift card with another gift card is not flagged as a crime.

However, know the exchange you want to trade gift cards with.


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