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Check out the differences between an electric head shaver and a razor before using.


Hey! Are you among those category people who always save their dome then you most likely to be fallen into either of these two sections – the one who used an electric head shaver or the one who uses a razor. So, what’s the debate?

While we speak electric shaver, we’re denoting either the foil or rotary head shaver for men, or when we state the razor then we indicate either a cartridge razor or a safety razor. Sorry for the straight razor admirer.

These two forms of shaving proffer various types of assets and liabilities & are equally viable base on what you’re looking. Shaving is a very anecdotal experience that denotes not an approach is either better or worse than other. It entirely depends on personal preference and priorities.  

With that being said, a few of you may be unfamiliar with the variability between these two classes of shaving tools that’s why over here we’ve tried to patch up all the information about them for you.

Razors: –

Razor is the most conservative form to shave and it’s available in two basic configurations, i.e., the disposable cartridge razors (the one that is available at the supermarket with three to five-blade varieties) and the safety razors (the smaller steel devices that hold double-edged razor blades). The safety razor blade is generally been admitted in providing a unique shave in oppose to multi-blade disposable razors since the latter can lead to skin annoyance and ingrown hairs with other things. No matter in case you’re working with a single-blade disposable razor the divergence between it and a safety razor is proportionately insignificant. 

Whenever you get down with it, the type of razor that you intend to use can provide some considerable ease over an electric razor. The shave done by it is very close, and you have the authority to control the blade movement and what they do. These are generally very economical and simplier to use and maintain and don’t require batteries or charging.

However, it has some faults. Until you think of a nasty case of razor burn, you’ll have to disburse some time to dampen and foam your face since these tools work diligently well in a wringing wet condition. The different creams and soaps that you use to moisturize your head or face can add additional cost to your shaving routine and based on the ingredients used in it have the potential not to play so nicely with your skin. One more snag in the utilization of an unguarded blade to shave signifies that you can run down with the imperilment of slight nicks and cuts or large ones if you don’t know what you’re doing.

So, in brief, using a razor to shave is better for those who have: –

• The time and patience to conduct a steady and more time-consuming procedure for shaving

• Fairly assured to neglect/bypass the cuts or nicks on their skin with its utilization.

• Don’t bother to squander excess money on shaving cream/soaps.

Electric head shavers: –

Though these devices have actually been around since the 1920s’ it looks very fascinating and neoteric – however, the first patent of this device is done by Jacob Schick in 1928. The device comes in two formations, i.e., foil and oscillating. The bygone prefers to use a blade-covering foil that provides a close shave, while the modern prefers to use the rotating blade series to attain an even but less close shave.

Even though the shave provided by these tools is usually less near and accurate than the shave given by the razors, it does offer some welfare. The person using these electric shavers has fewer possible options to get cut or nicked and ought less care and expertise than a shaver with an exposed blade. Using an electric head shaver is also much faster than using a razor since no damping or spuming is required, and it takes less time to go over the face with an electric shaver than it does with a razor. 

Even if the electric shavers aren’t all adept and have no swindle. The manner it works ensures certain aspects, among them is a less close shave as stated earlier. The other preliminary fault of it is, that it uses too many blades that are going back and forth or rotate preferably faster – people with even slightly sensitive skin might endure razor inflammation after use. Apart from it, other slightest drawback incorporates the constant required cleaning and maintenance, the actuality is that they need batteries and charging, and are much higher price points when compared to their manual counterparts.

So, in brief, the electric head shavers for men are best for those who:

• Desire a fast shave.

• Have the capability to spend more money on expensive shaving.

• Don’t mind a less thorough shave.

So, which is best?

As mentioned earlier, neither one of these shaving approaches is impartially been more acceptable or more unpleasant than the others. So many facets are there to think about – however, personal preference can always succeed in whatever said by anyone on the best. The best advice that we can provide to someone who’s not sure which’s the best for them (among electric head shaver & razor) is by inspecting both to make an affirm decision based on which one you like more, and which one works better for you and your skin. So, don’t allow preconceived ideas to prevail you from getting the best shave possible for your head & face skin.


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