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DrChrono EHR Software Review – Pros & Cons


Upon reviewing DrChrono EHR Software, we have found a few cons to this product. While it’s easy to learn and implement, it’s not as secure as its competition. We also found it to be very Apple-dependent, and we’re not sure how secure it really is. This Drchrono EHR Software review looks at a few of these issues and outlines the benefits and disadvantages of this product.

DrChrono EHR Software Specialities

A Learning Curve

While many providers are happy with DrChrono EHR software, some users are frustrated by its steep learning curve and lack of professionalism. While this software is perfect for smaller practices, it does not have all of the features and professional touch that larger practices require. It also lacks some important features and technical support is limited. In addition, many providers report that the call center for the software does not know what they’re doing and is unable to offer help.

The learning curve is high for any EHR software. It’s important to note that DrChrono is compatible with Apple products, so it may be easier for some users to master the interface. However, the lack of an Android app is a potential source of frustration. Users may also find the software’s lack of compatibility with Android devices frustrating. For this reason, some users might want to consider the DrChrono free trial before purchasing.

If you’re not comfortable with navigating the software, don’t worry. The company offers extensive support for any issue you might run into. In addition to a help desk ticket system, users can use the online support center to get help. However, you cannot specify how you’d like to be contacted, nor can you schedule a call.


Apple-dependent devices have an advantage when it comes to EHR software, and this is certainly true with DrChrono. Its user interface is optimized to work well with Apple devices, and it even works with the Apple Watch. The only downside to Apple-dependent devices is that their software is only available on certain devices. Fortunately, DrChrono’s iOS and Android apps can sync seamlessly with each other.

The most affordable tier of DrChrono is significantly limited. Prometheus lacks several key features and does not integrate with LabCorp or Quest Diagnostics. It also limits reminders to 100 patients per month and does not offer real-time insurance eligibility checks. However, despite these disadvantages, the higher tier is still competitively priced, starting at $199 per provider per month.

Despite its Apple dependence, DrChrono EHR Software works well on an iPad or iPhone. Users praised the mobile version, but many Apple-centric physicians might still prefer the Windows or Chrome-based versions. Regardless of platform, DrChrono EHR software is compatible with Apple-dependent devices. You can also download a free trial for two weeks to check whether it suits your needs.

For those who need to stay on top of their work, DrChrono has a built-in iPad app that makes it easier to manage their schedule. The app works on an iPad as well as an iPhone or an Android device. The app has many features, but one of the most useful is a patient-friendly system that allows patients to interact with the charts. Its iOS app is designed to be intuitive for both users and doctors alike.

Secure Competition

While DrChrono is a safe and stable EHR solution, there are some drawbacks to the product. Its integration of an EMR is not secure, which is a disadvantage if your patients’ information is vulnerable. DrChrono’s Android app is not fully compatible, which can be frustrating for some users. While it is not as expensive as its competitors, it isn’t the most secure EHR on the market.

While Drchrono EHR is not as secure as the competition, it does offer a lot of useful platforms for medical practices. Its Telehealth feature lets doctors and patients schedule appointments, send emails to patients, and conduct virtual visits. It is also highly customizable and accessible, with an iPad app that is intuitive to use. Nevertheless, many physicians feel that legacy EHRs get in the way of patient care, making them a poor choice for small practices.

Users who are concerned about data security should avoid DrChrono because of its inability to guarantee data security. This could lead to breaches. Regardless, the company does provide support through its website. In case of problems, users can email a support team through its online support center. Users can set the priority level of their request and attach files to help explain their problem. However, there are several disadvantages to DrChrono.


Whether you’re a solo practitioner or a large medical group, DrChrono EHR Software can be customized to fit your needs. With features such as patient-facing web portals, lab orders, and integrated telehealth, DrChrono can make your life easier. This software also offers customizable features for practice management, including tools to reduce redundant tasks. Read on to find out more about the features and benefits of DrChrono.

DrChrono is an EHR, billing, and practice management system. This all-in-one solution integrates patient scheduling, clinical workflow, and telehealth to create an ideal, efficient platform for medical practitioners. With a highly customizable interface and an intuitive iPad app, DrChrono EHR is designed to meet the needs of a variety of different types of practices and users. It also complies with HIPAA standards, making it easy to integrate into your practice.

Users can send support requests via email to DrChrono’s support staff. Each request must include a brief description of the problem, priority, and any relevant files. While you can’t specify your preferred method of contact, it is helpful to be able to schedule phone calls with customer service representatives. This feature makes DrChrono EHR Software highly customizable, and it’s a great tool for doctors.


A physician-owned practice is able to access patient data from anywhere and at any time, and DrChrono EHR is easy to use across any device. Its iPad software allows clinical staff to spend more time with patients, and the platform offers full integration across mobile devices. The software helps maintain income stability for practitioners while allowing them to focus on patient care. Moreover, it offers in-house coding compliance officers and certified medical coders to handle the entire lifecycle of medical claims, including billing. Moreover, DrChrono’s EHR allows you to bypass redundant tasks and focus on patient care.

The mobile version of DrChrono is compatible with iPads and iPhones. Its responsiveness and usability make it an ideal choice for doctors who spend most of their time on the go. Despite its mobile features, however, DrChrono is not suitable for practices with a large staff. It also doesn’t support large-scale appointments, and cannot sync with Android devices.

A doctor can access patient records with a single click. In addition, DrChrono’s mobile version also lets him/her multitask by using the app on his or her iPad or iPhone. Moreover, DrChrono is compatible with iPads and iPhones and allows patients to schedule video visits with their doctors. It also has an integrated consent form, e-prescribe medications, and lab orders.


Drchrono’s RCM services are among the most comprehensive in the industry. They include billing experts, certified medical coders, and coding compliance officers to ensure clean claims and complete transparency. As a result, DrChrono RCM services enable physicians to improve their clean claim rates by as much as 96%, and help reduce the number of no-shows. DrChrono’s RCM services help physicians to engage their patients and keep them connected with their practice.

For clinical staff, DrChrono EHR software is highly accessible anywhere. Native iPad software makes it possible to conduct patient exams anywhere, and full integration with mobile devices makes it easier to manage patient records. The software helps practitioners maintain a stable income while allowing them to focus on their patients. It also has dedicated billing experts and handles the entire lifecycle of medical claims, including all documentation. It is compatible with multiple platforms, including Apple iOS, Android, and Windows.

With DrChrono’s RCM services, physicians can outsource medical billing and insurance processing. Their dedicated billing team ensures timely payment of patients. The company’s RCM team also provides dedicated support to RCM clients. Using DrChrono’s RCM services also saves physicians a considerable amount of time. By eliminating manual data entry, DrChrono has streamlined the entire process of patient billing and insurance claims.


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