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Ezderm EMR Software – Top 3 Reasons to Choose


Ezderm EMR Software is a cloud-based, mobile dermatology EHR solution. It can be used from any computer or mobile device with an Internet connection. It received the Healthcare Solutions Technology Award in 2013 and features ICD-10 and CPT coding, automatic coding, and coding. It also includes cloud-based solutions. Read on to discover more about Ezderm EMR Software.

Automated EZDERM Patient Appointment Reminders

You may be wondering whether automated EZDERM patient appointment reminders are a good idea. If you want to improve your practice and earn more money from each patient, you may want to consider this new technology. It can help you track patient appointments, find their preferred pharmacy, and increase revenue. Read on to learn more about how this technology can help you. And don’t worry if you don’t have the time to set up reminders yourself.

You can send a phone call to remind patients of their appointments, but this method often doesn’t work. Moreover, you may find yourself leaving a voicemail message. A better option is to send friendly text messages. Most people are busy and cannot always answer the phone, so text message reminders are an easy way to reach patients. You can also send a friendly email to remind patients of their appointments.

3D Body Map Interface

EZDERM is an innovative, cloud-based dermatology EHR that includes medical billing and practice management capabilities. Its user-friendly interface utilizes 3D Body Maps, a revolutionary visual interface that empowers dermatologists to visually document patient encounters. EZDERM allows for unlimited customization and has been named a Healthcare Solutions Technology Award winner. It features automatic coding, CPT, ICD-10 and coding and a customizable design that makes it easy for you to customize to your practice’s needs.

EZDERM’s EHR and PMS integration enables dermatologists to document patient encounters with the 3D Body Map interface. Unlike other EHRs and PMSs, EZDERM is compatible with iPhones and other connected devices. Its advanced features and intuitive user interface are perfect for dermatologists. The 3D Body Map interface for EZDERM helps dermatologists document patient encounters visually, and the progress note tool helps doctors avoid audit risk. EZDERM also allows dermatologists to track problems through diagnostic images. With a simple click of a button, the patient’s medical record is stored in a secure manner.

Cloud-Based Solution

EZDERM offers an amazingly integrated EHR for dermatologists. This cloud-based solution has mobility in mind, as it is fully compatible with IOS devices. Ezderm is a software company based in the United States that produces solutions and software for dermatology providers. Founded by a dermatologist, Ezderm now employs approximately 50 people. Read on to discover the most important features of Ezderm.

EZDERM is an EHR designed by dermatologists, not engineers. It uses patented 3D Body Maps, an intuitive visual interface that empowers dermatologists to visually document patient encounters. The software also allows for voice recognition, making it easy to capture patient information. EZDERM is truly mobile, making it easy to access and use in the field. Its user-friendly design enables dermatologists to easily document patient encounters, and the software is completely customizable.

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Ezderm’s powerful features include 3D body maps, Flexible Documentation, Image Comparison, and Advanced Cosmetic Module. It offers multiple customization options, and it is cloud-based, meaning you don’t need to invest in a dedicated infrastructure. It’s also fully customizable, with an intuitive user interface and customizable features. Ezderm is also MIPS/MACRA certified, HIPPA compliant, and ONC-ACB-certified.


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