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Feature To Look For In A Vod Streaming Platform


Whether it is a promotional video or an informative video, they are essential for your business growth. In order to distribute and monetize your content, you need the right platform. Video-on-demand can be an ideal solution for you in order to broadcast your recorded video and generate revenue. VOD (video on demand) platform is software that allows people to access multimedia content on any device, at any place, and at any time. This famous system of video entrainment delivery offers the freedom to access content conveniently.


With so many options on the market today, choosing the correct video-on-demand streaming service provider to fulfill your business needs can be a difficult task. In this session, you will find the top essential features that you should consider before choosing a VOD streaming service provider. 

Top 5 Must-Have Features For Your Video-On-Demand Streaming Platform

All individual video-on-demand platforms have their own additions and suites of features. There are a few things that event organizers need to consider before choosing a VOD streaming platform, including:

#1 While Label Video Streaming

When content producers use non-white-label VOD platforms, they are unable to distribute their works, eliminate advertising, or alter the platform’s appearance or feel. The solution is to use a VOD hosting platform with a white-label feature that is flexible and straightforward for third parties to set up. Select the best live streaming service provider that offers white label streaming and allows the video player to display the creator’s own branding and logos. Third-party advertisements and other annoyances are kept away from video viewers.

You may quickly embed the video player onto your website, remove the third-party branding, add your logo, and share content across various social media networks with VOD services that offer white-label solutions.

#2 Video CMS (Content Management System)

If you want the right people to see your content at the right moment, you must keep them all organized and properly classified. The correct video CMS enables you to classify your videos with categories and subcategories for simple searching, allowing your viewers to search for precisely the topic or video they’re trying to find. Additionally, tagging aids in the development of intelligent playlists, which suggest to users media relevant to previously viewed videos. This feature will help you to keep your viewers engaged for longer.

#3 Security Features

Your VOD streaming platform should include advanced security features in order to prevent third-party attacks. Before considering any VOD platform, consider different security features such as DRM encryption, HLS video encryption, and SSO. 

These security features can help you to prevent unauthorized access and modification to your video content. You can also prevent the illegal reuse of your video by using a watermarking feature. In order to avoid hackers or malware, your VOD streaming platform should offer a feature to lock the address bar. It will help to block specific IPs and domains. It is also essential to offer viewers safe access such as password integration if they are using subscriptions. 

#4 Notification

The notification service is one of the main components of the VoD streaming platform. subscribers want to be notified by the producers, for example when there is a live broadcast, when new content is introduced, or when content is removed. In-app notifications on a VoD streaming platform will keep viewers interested and motivate them to connect with the content.

#5 Monetization Of Video

Video monetization is a key feature of video-on-demand streaming platforms. You can’t avoid this feature if your video is an important factor in your business’s revenue. Choosing a video-on-demand streaming platform that allows video monetization is essential to generating revenue from the viewers watching the video content.

There Are 3 Different Approaches To Monetizing Your Video, Including:

  • SVOD (Subscription Video On Demand): It is a package-based model in which users pay a subscription fee in order to watch the video. After paying the subscription fee, they can watch as many videos as they want. It is the most profitable feature of the VOD streaming platform. This feature allows content creators to earn revenue by focusing on the representation of the content. 
  • TVOD (Transaction Video On Demand): With the TVOD model, viewers can pay for a series of content. It allows the viewers to access the particular content. It has two categories: DTR and EST. Download to rent (DTR) allows access to the content for a limited time. On the other hand, Electronic sell-through (EST) offers permanent access to the content after a single payment.   
  • AVOD (Advertising-Based Video On Demand): Access to AVOD content is free for the viewers. But they need to watch the ads in order to access the content. Youtube is the best example of AVOD. Youtube interests ads at various intervals in the video. It helps the creators and platform to generate revenue.  

The secret to growing your audience, keeping them satisfied, and bringing in more money is to give your visitors access to your content anytime they want to watch. With these features, VOD streaming platforms and webinar platforms will enable you to provide a whole range of services, from content distribution to monetization.


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