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Here’s how Custom Greeting Cards can help boost your sales


In this world of digitization, everything has gone digital, so why not greeting cards? Can you recall the last time you received a unique piece of physical mail that actually stood out from the rest? Physical mail typically consists of many promotions, advertisements, and food menus, and this is something that has become pretty monotonous and boring. Video-supported Custom Greeting Cards are a great way to WOW your customers and prospects, by sending them a piece of mail that truly stands out from the rest.

 you should definitely consider sending a personalized piece of direct mail. Sending Custom Greeting Cards to your customer base is a great marketing strategy. This will differentiate you from the competitors and also help build strong relationships. But here you should note that sending any mass-produced greeting card is lackluster and impersonal. So, the best way to make an impression on your recipient is to send a custom video greeting card.

Now, you might be wondering whether Custom Greeting Cards can really help your sales.  The answer is a resounding YES. In this blog post, we will be taking a look at how video-supported Custom Greeting Cards can boost your sales.

Benefits of Custom Video Greeting Cards

(1) Eye Catching: Be it countless envelopes or junk mail, everything seems to look the same. They have the same color background with simple font and your name in black ink. On the other hand, video-supported Custom Greeting Cards can be made into any shape and size with any color and design of your choice. Putting your logo and business name in unique colors on your greeting cards turns it into an eye-catching piece of mail that is waiting to be opened. You can open these cards from the bottom, left, right, or top. Irrespective of the format you choose, you are sure to impress your audience with the help of these cards.

(2) Helps in increasing Brand Awareness: You see, there are an endless amount of businesses that are popping out almost every day. And as the number of businesses keeps on increasing, so increases the competition. Therefore, it goes without saying that it will take more than just your word to prove that your offerings are better than others. In a word, you must make your business STAND OUT. What many companies do is that they hand out a small, basic business card that typically finds its way to the bottom of a desk drawer or to the trash. Truly WOW your potential clients by being one step ahead of your competitors. With Custom Greeting Cards, you can make sure that your brand sticks out amongst a crowd. Here you should note that this marketing strategy is not used by many companies, so your brand can quickly move its way to the top of someone’s radar. This unique and innovative way to reach out to your audience will definitely turn prospects into customers and ultimately boost your sales.

(3) Engaging: There is no doubt that technology keeps on advancing at an astronomical pace. So, why not take the benefit of all that it has to offer? A monotonous folder or flyer won’t cut it anymore. You need to engage with your audience in an idiosyncratic and creative way that will allow for a long-lasting impression of your business. A face-to-face conversation is sure to hold much more value than words on paper.

The same feeling can be fostered by video-supported Custom Greeting Cards that one has after interacting with a company’s employee. These cards help establish connections with your potential clients, thereby ensuring that your company will certainly be kept top of mind. Besides allowing your voice to be heard, utilizing Custom Greeting Cards also allows your face to be seen.

Establishing a strong connection is imperative to building and maintaining relationships with clients. This eccentric way of engagement will make both your old and new clients feel important and connected.

(4) Better Response Rates: When a customer first receives these extraordinary Custom Greeting Cards,he/she will already be in awe, no doubt about it. They will feel even more tempted as soon as the screen lights up with your personalized office.

It is at this very moment that your company will be remembered for its creativity and the power of video marketing will have successfully done its job. The key to growing your business is to leave a lasting impact on a potential client. Clients will simply be fascinated when they not only hear about your business but see it through unique Custom Greeting Cards. Potential clients will be eager to learn more about your business and truly learn what benefits your business can provide them.


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