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Here’s why you should visit an Endodontist in Ottawa


Who is an Endodontist?

Endodontist in Ottawaare dentists who specialize in disease, tooth pain, and infection. They have extra training that helps them diagnose and treat tooth pain and also perform root canals, which is a special procedure that is designed to save a decayed or infected tooth.

What is the role of an Endodontist?

Endodontist in Ottawatreats dental problems that involve the inside of the tooth, an area which is known as the Tooth Pulp. The  It can get inflamed or infected because of traumatic injury to a tooth, deep tooth decay, and repeated dental work on a tooth. If any of the aforementioned is the case, consulting an endodontist by visiting a Dental Clinic in Downtown Ottawa is the right way to go for.

The most common procedure performed by an Endodontist in Ottawa is a root canal, a procedure in which they remove the tooth’s pulp and the tooth’s nerve that are either infected or damaged. If left uncared for, the pulp will become painful and inflamed, and ultimately, the tooth will die.

Yes, it is true that root canals can also be performed by dentists but an endodontist has a lot more experience in performing this.

Why see an Endodontist in Ottawa?

A dentist may refer you to visit an endodontist in a Dental Clinic in Downtown Ottawa for a few common reasons:

Tooth pain and sensitivity to cold and heat

Tooth Injury: If your tooth gets totally knocked out or gets dislodged from its socket, it is only an Endodontist in Ottawa who can place the tooth back in the socket, stabilize it, and then perform a root canal on it.

Bacterial Infection: Bacteria gets into the pulp of a tooth through small openings that are created by both injury and decay. A bacterial infection or inflammation of the pulp is the most common reason people visit an endodontist.

Fractured or Chipped Tooth: If you find that a large section of the tooth is missing, exposing the pulp to bacteria, then a root canal might be the right way to go for.

Pain: You might have experienced a toothache at some point. In some cases, a general dentist might figure out the cause of the pain and quickly fix it by placing a dental restoration. But, if the pain persists even after a dental restoration, then you need to visit an endodontist in a Dental Clinic in Downtown Ottawa. Serious infections in the root can lead to deeper pain, thereby indicating a need for a root canal or a more advanced procedure.

Tooth Saving: Is one of your tooth is in its absolute last leg? Then, a visit to an Endodontist in Ottawa is a must. They have a lot of experience in saving teeth so that oral health can be properly restored. Teeth that have been chipped, cracked or severely broken can undergo treatment thereby ensuring that they remain strong and intact.

Root Canal: The main reason why people visit an endodontist in a Dental Clinic in Downtown Ottawa is to have a root canal done. While a general dentist focuses on performing a number of procedures, an endodontist focuses only on performing root canals. They make use of an advanced technique, which is more accurate and often times more accommodating for the patient when they perform root canal treatment. Thus, we can say that the process is much more streamlined and the pain is kept at a minimum.

What to expect when you visit an Endodontist?

When you are paying a visit to an Endodontist in Ottawa,you are most likely there to get a root canal done. Knowing beforehand what to expect during your visit can be really helpful.

Before the root canal treatment begins, you will be most likely given a local anesthetic. These are medicines that are used to numb that specific part of your mouth so that you don’t feel any kind of pain during the procedure. After this, a dental dam will be placed around your tooth. The Endodontist in Ottawa will open the crown, i.e., the top of the tooth, and remove the pulp. Once the pulp is removed, they will clean, reshape, and enlarge the root canal using small files. Remember that the root canal is the pathway from the pulp to your jawbone. Sometimes, they also apply medicine to the area to prevent an infection.

The root canal is filled with a rubber substance that acts as a bandage. Usually, the endodontist at a Dental Clinic in Downtown Ottawa fills the tooth opening with a filling or temporary crown. You may typically feel mild pain after the procedure. Over-the-counter pain relievers can really come in handy in this situation. You need to visit the endodontist at a later date to remove the filing or temporary crown and fit you with a permanent one.


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