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How to Fix the Windows 11 Error Message

How to Fix the Windows 11 Error Message 2

If you’re experiencing a Windows 11 installation error, there are a few things you can try to fix it. The error message will be a warning that the software or hardware that you’re installing on your PC isn’t compatible with Windows 11.After the UstechPortal Survey, Many of users are facing the issues regarding the common error a ubisoft service is currently unavailable. We are Findout the easiest method to Fix : Follow Instructions Mention in a link.

Read on to learn how to fix it and get your system back to normal. After all, a Windows error message is never good. This is because it means that something is wrong with your system, so you must solve it as soon as possible.


The ‘0x80073701 Window 11 Errerror’ is one of the most commonly occurring errors on Windows 10 and earlier. It causes problems with the Windows Update service. To solve this error, follow the steps below:

Check the Windows Update Components. These components play a vital role in updating Windows and can become corrupt or missing altogether. Resetting them can help fix this error. Open Windows Update History to see which updates have caused 0x80073701 error. Copy the KB number and paste it in the text field near the top-right corner of the screen. The Microsoft Update Catalog will display all versions of Windows.

Resetting Windows 11

When you encounter the Resetting Windows 11 error, you may need to wipe everything off your computer and start over. This process will remove all the personal files, games, and applications, and give your PC a fresh start.

It is possible to perform a Windows 11 reset without installation media, though you might need to recover missing files. However, there is an alternative – the Cloud download option – that will allow you to download a Windows 11 installation ISO file. The file may be large, so be patient during the download process.

If the “Reset this PC” option doesn’t work, you can try a fresh installation of Windows 11. Use the Media Creation tool to create a Windows 11 installation package on a CD or USB drive. Before performing a fresh install of Windows 11, back up all your important data and insert the installation media. When the process is complete, Windows will automatically start. The error will go away. If you get the “Reset this PC” message again after the fresh installation, you will need to reinstall Windows.

External hardware

Having problems with your external hard drive? The most likely cause is outdated hardware drivers. If you’re unable to open the drive, reinstalling it may be necessary. You’ll probably need to refresh your PC after installing the new driver. In Device Manager, expand Disk Drivers and then double-click the drive to expand its properties. If it’s still not showing up, uninstall it and restart your PC. The drive should now show up properly.

First, open the Device Manager. This utility is located in the Control Panel. It is located in the Hardware and Sound or Device Manager. Once there, open the “Disk Drives” folder. Click the “Disk Drives” icon to see the storage devices connected to your computer. Right-click the device and select Uninstall. Then, restart your computer to check if it’s working properly. Otherwise, you’ll need to reinstall the drive.

Third-party software

If you encounter this error, you may have installed a third-party program that conflicts with Windows 11’s compatibility settings. To fix this, you can enable or disable such programs in the System Configuration window. The good news is that Microsoft regularly pushes out updates for the Windows 11 OS to fix any bugs. Hence, you should update your operating system regularly to avoid the Windows 11 Error: Third-party software.

In order to install Windows 11, you must make sure that your computer is equipped with adequate storage space on its boot drive. At the very least, it needs to have at least 16GB free space. If that’s not sufficient, you may have to add extra space to the drive. Additionally, you may find it difficult to install the new operating system on low-end devices with 64 GB of storage. Therefore, it is important to perform the installation process as an administrator to fix this error.


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