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How to Sell Used Tractors? 7 Tips to Sell at the Best value!


Looking forward to selling your old Mahindra drive to buy the latest Mahindra 275 di or Mahindra 575? Every farmer goes through the process of buying and selling farm vehicles, aka tractors, to advance their farming activities and field. Having a new tractor in place of the old one definitely adds a new layer of productivity, speed, and efficiency to farming activities. But the question that torments the brain is how to let go of the old tractor. Like — what’s the right way to dispose of the old tractor at the best value?

If you are thinking the same, we will talk about the best tips to sell your old tractor in return for the best value.

  1. Make Sure your Tractor is in Good Condition

Good condition tractors attract the right buyers. Make sure the tractor model you are sharing for sale is not in a distasteful condition. If it is, then you must take certain expenses in the course to treat the broken parts or any damages that can impact its resale or negotiation value.

You can check if your tractor is still in warranty as this saves your repair cost. And make sure you get your tractor treated by legitimate service centres only.

  • Have all Documents in Place

Make sure all the tractor bills, registration papers, and other important documents like PAN card, address proof, RC, PUC insurance, passport size photographs are handy with you.

Aside from that, keep the chassis number, number plate, warranty details, and service book available with you.

Ensure all the finance related to the tractor is settled. If there are outstanding payments, make sure you keep HPI verification details handy with you. As this will give the next buyer complete peace of mind about what dues are outstanding.

  • Clear Outstanding dues to get an NOC

Pay any outstanding dues on your tractor and receive an NOC certificate from your respected bank. Then visit the RTO office and clear the hypothecation (transfer of ownership of the tractor from any financial institution to yourself). This way now you will be the owner of the asset and can transfer it to another buyer with ease. If the buyer also wants to buy your tractor on finance then they directly move the hypothecation directly in the name of your buyer. This way they can directly take the ownership from the financial institution who was financing the tractors.

  • Know your Tractor’s Specifications

You should know all your tractor’s technical specifications & features as this will help you sell your tractor much better. The more you know about your tractor, the better the next buyer will be impressed with your understanding.

Know how much is your tractor’s HP, PTO Hp, engine and gearbox specifications, fuel tank and lifting capacity. And other things that can act as a USP to attract buyers and sell them.

  • Sell With Tractor Attachments

If you have invested in tractor attachments while purchasing the tractor, ensure you sell them along. When you sell tractors with complete accessories, your chances of selling tractors at the best value become even more.

  • Sell Tractors Online

Find a digital marketplace to sell your used tractors. With online platforms, you won’t have to struggle to find qualified buyers. As these platforms provide easy access to verified buyers who could be interested in buying your exclusive farm vehicle at deserving value.

When you are listing your tractor on these online platforms, ensure you put:

  • Real images of the tractor from different angles in good pixels.
  • Complete description and honest working condition of the tractor.
  • List your right contact details for corresponding with the buyer.
  • Ask a Fair Value

Don’t ask for unrealistic value for your used tractors. Set aside depreciation value based on the use hours of the tractor, any damages, number of years you kept the vehicle.

Many online platforms provide calculators for evaluating the resale value of the tractor. You can simply fill in the details and get an estimate. And try quoting the same to your would-be buyers. When your tractor is in good condition, you won’t have to fight hard enough to attract the best value.

Hope these tips help you sell your farming beast aka tractor at the best value.


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