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Kareri Lake Trek is a perfect destination to spend your vacation



Kareri lake trek is situated at the height of 3,100 Km in the “Kangra” area of “Himachal Pradesh.” Kareri lake is also known as Kumwarh Lake and is located in the Dhauladhar range which is 9 km away from Dharamshala.

Kareri Lake Trek is one of the most beautiful treks you can pursue. The trek is carved for you among the green meadows and lush green valleys full of different vegetation. Experience one being with nature on this trek and the view of the sheep grazing in the valleys. The kareri lake trek is a glacial trek that is filled with the beauty of the conifers, deciduous, and those perennial flowers. This might be considered an ideal trek because it provides all aspects from religious touch to natural beauty, and also for a short period for you to complete. but the trek is more than less time-consuming it provides one with engulfing beauty of the valleys and nature.

Kareri lake is truly a hidden gem of our country because the destination is not the only thing that matters, it is the entire journey that you take with you and also attracts you back to this place and the best part is that any first-timer can opt for this trek and will surely be able to complete the trek and have the time of their life. Even if you have a hectic schedule one can go for this trek and lay out all the stress and be back in no time.

Best time to visit the trek

As the lake remains frozen for most of the year and there is no issue with that but if you still need to enjoy the flow of the water and have a better experience while trekking makes sure you go from September to December that is the post monsoon season and not that frozen cold season or else you can also try trekking in march to July that is during pre-monsoon season. Try to avoid the trip during monsoon season as the trek is a bit slippery and can be a bit tricky too.

Itinerary for the trek

First, you need to reach Dharamshala which is quite well connected by airways, trains, or roadways. Although the most preferred mode is by road because it improves the experience and also because there will still be roads that you need a vehicle to cover. Most people choose to travel from Delhi to Dharamshala and then opt for a road trip to the kareri village.

After around 1.5 to 2 hours you will reach your start point, which is kareri village.


The trek or climb will be for approximately 5 hours. The path is quite moderate as it is already laid out by the villagers but be alert as the path gets a bit steep along the way. There are numerous shacks along the way where you can enjoy some chai and maggie and even get some camping gear. Enjoy the sight of the beautiful waterfall which is a great source of pure water as it is a branch for the glacial water. and nolli bridge along the way. After reaching your campsite, call it a day there.


Get up early to leave for Kareri Lake along the way. After around 15 min of trekking you might notice a shiv temple, go and ask the lord for blessings and thank him for the beautiful opportunity to be able to present here. Most of the trek is led by the nyudh river and after about 4 hours you will reach your destination in the minkiani pass. Most of the vegetation becomes less as we go up and you’ll start to see more conifers along the way. Start to camp out there for the night .Set up camp there and stay there the night. Do remember to carry warm clothes as the temperature is going to fall quite a bit. You can also visit Gajj which is approximately half an hour from the lake and you can go and explore the place a bit too.


After getting up, have some breakfast as the trek is going to be long but not that tiring because most of the trek is a descent and will be easy and fun. Do remember to carry your water bottles to avoid pollution and explore the place while going back and take those stories with you and recite them to your friends later.


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