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Key Strategies for How to Sell Online Courses


With the growing technology and advancement in science, leaving behind conventional methods, online teaching platforms are growing at a much faster rate. With professional growth, development, additional income, flexibility, convenience, and comfort, educators nowadays prefer online education. To launch course and sell it effectively, proper promotional and marketing strategies need to be followed. 

There is a tough competition going on in the e-learning field, and selling your particular online course and generating profits can be challenging. But no need to worry, with proper planning, consistent efforts, and some other tips, effective online course sales are guaranteed. Let us discuss a complete set of tips that can be followed in this regard. 

Strategies for how to sell online courses effectively 

1. Promote on social media

To communicate and connect with people all across the world, social media is the fastest and one of the best platforms to do so. For quality online course promotion, using social media is very beneficial. Several social media applications can be used in this regard for example Instagram, LinkedIn, Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, and more. Create business accounts on all these apps and promote your brand and products. Follow the below-mentioned points for social media promotion: 

  • Use the Instagram reel feature and youtube shorts to create short and crisp videos for the audience. 
  • Use hashtags, to grab the attention of the target audience and expand your course sales. 
  • Be consistent with social media uploads. With the increase in user engagement, your course sales will be increased. 

2. Be unique, beat your competitors

Today there is tough competition going on in the e-learning field. For similar niches and topics, several courses are available online. To promote your online course effectively, and grab the attention of the users, you have to beat the existing competition. To do so follow these steps

  • Explore and research well. See what the current services and study content are being offered by your competitors. 
  • See what is making their course popular among the target audience. 
  • Now be creative and try to produce unique content for your course. This will help you to be different and be best compared to other course creators. 

3. Giving trails 

Before purchasing clothes or any technical device, we prefer to get a trial to understand the functioning and effectiveness of the product. Similarly, before purchasing an online course, learners prefer to get a basic idea of the course. So to promote your online course and expand course sales, giving demo sessions or trails is advisable.  The way you sell online courses from your own website, similarly, the details of the demo classes can be uploaded on the website too. 

  • Make sure to set a positive first impression. Plan well, have the right subject expertise, and do the required preparation. 
  • Use audio-visual tools in the demo sessions like educational videos, modules, demonstrations, picture cards, and more. With the help of visualization, learners understand the concepts better and more quickly. 

4. Going for paid ads 

For quality online course promotion, going for paid ads is quite beneficial. With organic marketing, reaching out to the target audience can be a time-consuming process and you need to have a good amount of patience for this. However, with the help of paid ads, you can reach out to your target audience at a much faster rate. Better course sales and effective brand awareness are some of the benefits of paid advertisement. Plan well, and stick to your budget rightly from the start so that you can invest in paid ads. Sponsored advertisements can be conducted on YouTube, Facebook, Instagram, etc. 

5. Offer discounts to the first set of students

One of the smartest strategies for online course promotion is giving discounts to the first set of students. Who doesn’t like getting discounts and offers, no one right? Through social media posts, your course website, and paid ads, you can spread the message of current offers and schemes going on in your course that will be given to the students who will get enrolled first. This will help in effective online course selling and growth. 


Online courses are growing at a much faster rate these days. By following the above-mentioned tips which are using social media, going for paid advertisements, offering discounts to the first set of students, giving trials, and beating your competitors, one can sell their online courses effectively. This will help to generate good profits and success rate respectively.


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