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Must-Know New Instagram Feed WordPress Plugins in 2022


It is not a secret that Instagram has become one of the most popular social media platforms. With almost 1.5 billion users, it has become the best place to market your business.

So much so that brands have started to embed Instagram feed on WordPress website. In case you are unaware, Instagram itself has an embedding feature. It allows its users to embed a miniature version of their Instagram.

However, this feature is limited to very certain parts of the world. Therefore, in this blog, we will explore the list of Instagram Feed plugins that you can use to embed your Instagram on your website.


New Instagram Feed WordPress Plugins in 2022

This list contains the best Instagram feed plugins, in no particular order, that are easy on your pocket and your business. Have a look at the list.


#1 Tagembed

The very first Instagram Feed on our list is Tagembed. It is an amazing plugin that helps you to showcase your social media content from 18+ social media platforms, including Instagram. This tool helps you fetch and display content on your website in just a few steps. You do not have to learn to code or hire any developer to manage this plugin.

You can also remove the posts you do not wish to display on the website. This way, you can show the best side of your business and impress your online visitors. The robust analytics feature enables tracking the performance of the Instagram Widget WordPress plugin. It helps you to plan your Instagram content. Apart from the Instagram feed, this plugin lets you collect the reels, hashtags, mentions, etc.

#2 SnapWidget

SnapWidget is a great plugin for showing pictures from your Instagram account.

The best part about this plugin is that it automatically updates the most recent pictures from your Instagram on the website. With their most recent upgrade, you can make a widget that shows images from any public Instagram account associated with a particular hashtag. However, only a business Instagram account can use this feature.

 You can also include a popup on your website that shows the most recent posts. It is tried and tested approach to increasing the number of your followers.


#3 ProPhoto

The next plugin on our list is ProPhoto. This plugin helps you in the brand’s recognizability.

With the help of this tool, any wordpress built website can be fully migrated to the servers for free. You can construct customized forms as often as you like with Pro Photo’s robust form builder.

To fine-tune your client engagement, you can also build up success or failure pages and designate custom email delivery addresses and formats.

#4 Instush

The next plugin on our list is Instush. As one of its many functions, Instush is an Instagram embedding plugin that lets you pick from 14 different gallery design layouts to use on your website.

You can make wallpapers for your website using this application as well. Moreover, you can also choose which pictures you want to flaunt on your website.

However, the inability to add redirect links to the photographs is one of the drawbacks of this plugin.

#5 Envira Gallery

Envira Gallery is yet another great plugin. With this tool, you can easily create photos and video galleries with just a few clicks. You can also use the pre-built templates to make your website look more eye-catching. This plugin also helps you to build responsive WordPress galleries that work on a mobile, tablet and all desktop devices. You can also organize photo albums, sort them with tags, choose cover photos, and more.

#6 Smash Balloon

Smash ballon is yet another plugin that you can use to embed Instagram feed on a website. This plugin is fast and responsive. While using this tool, you can fully optimize your website without hampering your website speed.

With the impactful feed customizer of Smash Balloon, you can create a visually engaging website. It will help your customers to spend a longer time on your website.


#7 Spotlight

The last plugin on our list is Spotlight. You can gather your social media content using Spotlight, another fantastic social media aggregator application. This tool may alter your feed’s themes, layouts, and fonts to better match your brand.

You can also establish loop schedules to display additional information, including older postings that can spark discussions. However, Spotlight’s pricing is a little more expensive than the other tools on the list.

Wrapping Up

With the increasing popularity and craze of Instagram, it is a great move to embed Instagram on websites. It is not just a promotional tactic but also helps build social proof and acts as a bridge between your website and Instagram, which eventually reduces the chances of your visitors following a fake or bogus account.

So don’t wait. Embed Instagram on your WordPress website using the above plugins and see your business grow.


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