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On My Way To Everest Base Camp



Everest Base Camp was late 2018 as I stepped off a Boeing 737 owned by FlyDubai. As I moved along the well-known old rustic hallway toward the arrival hall, a chill from the nighttime Himalayan air hit my face.

The dingy red brick walls of this airport brought back memories of my initial visit in 2013. The same perplexity and thrill that I experienced as soon as I came happened again five years later.

I immediately knew that a magnificent experience awaited, just like it did in 2013, as soon as my senses awoke to the sound, the sights, and the smells of the city as I emerged from the airport. I was finally back in Nepal, the place where it all started for me, where my life’s course whirled up and became the person I am today.

When I landed at Kathmandu’s Tribhuvan International Airport in the month of my birthday, I had a specific trip in mind that I had always wanted to do.

When I stepped out of the hotel and my senses were awakened by the city’s sounds, sights, and smells.

Route to the Everest Base Camp

The journey to Everest Base Camp calls for not only commitment and effort, but also a razor-sharp focus of willpower and drive to get oneself through 4–8 hours of hiking each day.

To reach Everest Base Camp, one would need to fly into Lukla Airport, one of the world’s most hazardous airports (you’ll see why soon), hike along the Dudh Kosi River to Namche Bazaar at 3,867m, then ascend to Dingboche at 4,260m, Lobuche at 4,930m, Gorakshep at 5,140m, and finally Everest Base Camp at 5,364m over the course of seven days.

Instead of returning the same way, I made the decision to travel even further and add a side-trek to the 5,000-meter Gokyo Lakes, which takes three additional days, before returning to Namche Bazar, Lukla, and ultimately Kathmandu. I would finish it in around 15 days total, just in time for my birthday.

I set up this ultimate challenge for myself on my 30th birthday, a big day for anyone who knows the feeling of entering the infamous 30s age-range.

Trek to Everest Base Camp (Lukla – Namche)

One of the most well-known journeys in the world is to Everest Base Camp. Thousands of tourists from around the world travel to Nepal each year solely to accomplish this journey. Many people have been forced to keep coming back by this place’s attractiveness.

A tiny hamlet called Lukla serves as the starting point for the trek to Mount Everest Base Camp.

There are two methods to get to Lukla: either take a bus from Kathmandu to Jiri, which is a 6–8 day hike from Lukla, or take an aircraft from Kathmandu to Lukla. The 30-minute flight will give you a wonderful up-close look of the majestic Himalayas.

When you get your permit, you can begin your march across the most breathtaking scenery. It takes about 10 hours to hike from Lukla to Namche bazar. You will see stunning snow-covered mountains on your walk, which is why you are there, as well as numerous frozen and flowing rivers, hanging bridges in plenty, and little towns where you may relax. In addition, there are lots of yaks, mountain goats, and Lophophorus (Danphe, Nepal’s national bird) in this area.

You will reach Monjo, a small hamlet, five hours after leaving Lukla, just before beginning your ascent to Namche bazar. Many people decide to spend the night in this town.

Trek to Everest Base Camp (Namche – Gorak Shep)

Tengboche is the destination following Namche. To get to Tengboche, you must first descend to the Phunki Thanga River and then ascend. You should be ready to descend to lower elevations and then ascend during this excursion. There is a well-known monastery in Tengboche that has been there for a century. Tengboche is perched on a hilltop without any mountains to shield it from the ferocious winds. People typically hike to the following village, Pangboche.

You will encounter some rocks along the way that have weird writing all over them. We discovered that they are prayers for the wellbeing and safe return of individuals who are hiking the area and attempting to climb Everest or any other mountain in that vicinity after asking a local Sherpa what they were.

Dingboche is the next settlement on the trail. There is a five-hour hike from Pangboche to this settlement. On a clear night, you might be in luck and be able to view the Milky Way reflected in the starry sky from Dingboche. Millions of silver dots are uniformly dispersed across the horizon in the sky, which is a stunning combination of blue and purple.

Some tips for the Trek

There are many eateries on the Everest Base Camp path where you can eat. Chicken, rice, dal, and spinach are the main dishes. If you choose, you can also get Chinese or Italian food. I urge you everybody to sample the flavorful Yak steak and Sherpa stew. Chocolates are sold in stores, although they are highly pricey. It is preferable if you purchase them in Kathmandu and bring them with you.

Need for your climb to Everest Base Camp:

This expedition won’t be a straightforward walk through the woods, so you need be somewhat prepared.

You should have sleeping bags that can keep you warm in below-freezing conditions.

a set of reflectors for eye protection.

layered clothing

Even if you can walk around in shorts during the day, the temperature drops below zero at night, so be prepared.

Because the air is thin at higher altitudes and the walk would be quite strenuous, it will be a very challenging climb for smokers.


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