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PMP Certification in Dubai: Why it’s crucial for career development


Upgrading is the way forward, whether in personal or professional life. Alike is the PMP certification in Dubai that is a designation provided by Project Management Institute (PMI) and has worldwide industry recognition. Professionals with a PMP certification are introduced to the best practices and recent trends in project management. This certification offers a wide range of career benefits and is undoubtedly crucial for all aspiring leaders and corporate managers. The PMP certification tests a candidate for their project management abilities and paves way for better career opportunities. It has been reported that certified PMP managers are more likely to be trusted with high-performing projects as compared to others.

PMP Certification: What is it?

A globally recognized project management degree, PMP certification tests an individual’s abilities to manage teams, operations, and business priorities of a professional project. A PMP-certified professional exhibits the experience, knowledge, and skill to lead high-profile projects. Project management professionals are essential to ensure smooth and profitable business operations. Since teamwork is an integral part of every successful company, managers should be capable of supervising varied work activities at a time and leading them towards the same business goal. Such project managers are expected to take on projects and ensure delivery with utmost efficiency strategically. As a result, there’s a huge demand for PMP certification in Dubai that adds professional credibility and prepares candidates for high-paying job opportunities.

PMP Certification: What to expect?

PMP certification is a professional reputed designation offered by the Project Management Institute, a non-profit US organization to candidates who meet the standard education and work experience criteria. Any professional who fulfils the criteria can apply for this certification and wait for approval from the regulatory body. Once the application is accepted, candidates must appear for a comprehensive exam that tests their abilities and competency to become certified project management professionals. Owing to its global recognition and value, the PMP certification exam is quite difficult and demands significant studying hours and dedication. While abundant study resources are available on the Internet, one can opt for guidance from the best PMP training institute. Such institutes help candidates study smartly and prepare them for clearing the exam on the first attempt.

Application requirements:

The PMP certification is ideal for all working professionals who are or intend to take on project managerial roles in their respective fields. However, apart from this, there are certain basic prerequisites that every candidate must fulfill in terms of education and work experience. The following enlisted are the basic criteria set up by the PMI that one must fulfill to apply for PMP certification in Dubai or anywhere around the world:

  • Secondary Degree that includes a high school diploma, an associate’s degree, or any global equivalent degree
  • Minimum 35 hours of project management education
  • Around 7,500 hours of managing and directing  projects


  • A 4-year degree
  • 4,500 hours of managing and directing projects
  • Minimum 35 hours of project management education


For the PMP exam, the Project Management Body of Knowledge is used as a guide for testing the applicants’ abilities and skill sets to be certified project management professionals. This exam follows a multiple choice pattern wherein the candidate has to answer around 200 questions based on 5 broad topics that are:

  • Project initiation (13%)
  • Project planning (24%)
  • Project execution (31%)
  • Project controlling and monitoring (25%) 
  • Project closing (7%)

Note: The above-mentioned percentage is roughly indicative of the weightage given to each of these topics in the exam.

Here’s why PMP certification contributes to career development

Given the present competitive scenario, every professional is expected to upgrade their skills to have a flourishing career ahead. Professional certifications and courses are one such viable way to improve their competency and excel in their respective job roles. Of many, PMP certification in Dubai is one such reputed designation that is ideal for all project managers who intend to take on challenging roles and increased remunerations. It has been observed that companies with PMP-certified managers operate smoothly and have profitable businesses as compared to others. As a result, candidates with a PMP certification are prioritized over those who don’t have one.

Apart from better career opportunities, enrolling in the best PMP training institute and preparing for the exam helps in learning best practices and current trends in project management. Since this certification demands the candidate to have extensive knowledge about project management, the preparation process assures valuable learning for the aspirants. Those who qualify for this exam and are awarded the PMP certification can avail of exciting job opportunities across varied fields. Networking is another key advantage of being associated with the PMI where varied professionals can interact and share work opportunities. A lot of people presume that PMP certification is expensive, difficult, and time-consuming. However, varied hiring experts have stressed the importance of having PMP certification for project management professionals. It is essential for long-term career growth and excellence.


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