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Pragati Verma Youtuber Age & Biography

Pragati Verma Youtuber Age & Biography
Pragati Verma Youtuber Age & Biography

If you are interested in learning about the life of a YouTube star, here is your Pragati Verma biography. She was born in Gorakhpur, Uttar Pradesh, and is an aspiring model, YouTuber, influencer, and dog lover. Learn about her family, her childhood, and her education. You’ll also learn about her pet dogs. Let’s dig deeper into her biography to find out more about her personality.

Pragati Verma Youtuber Age & Biography
Pragati Verma Youtuber Age & Biography

Pragati Verma YouTuber

You’re probably interested in learning about the successful Indian titk tok star, Pragati Verma. In addition to creating and uploading video content, she also collaborates with various influencers and endorses brands. Her YouTube channel has garnered a massive audience of over 100 million views. The twenty-year-old beauty has an impressive figure for her age, with a height of 5.7 feet and a weight of 61 kilograms. In addition to her YouTube channel, Pragati Verma maintains an active presence on other social media platforms, including Instagram and Twitter.

She is very popular on YouTube and has over 2.25 million subscribers. Her videos are about a variety of topics. Her personal life is relatively low-key. She has an active social media profile and often replies to fan comments. Her YouTuber biography reveals that she completed her schooling from Not known and later went to a college or university. She has a large fan base on social media, and she’s also very polite and friendly.

Pragati Verma is an Indian YouTuber and social media influencer. She began her career as a model, and today boasts over three hundred thousand followers worldwide. Her videos often feature her toned body and she has a steady stream of paid partnerships with big brands. She’s also made big waves in the fitness industry, and is known as the “trending girl” on social media. Her biography and personal life will inspire you to become a star on the internet.

Pragati Verma Model

If you want to know more about Pragati Verma, her personal details, and the net worth she’s earned, you’ve come to the right place. This twenty-year-old is studying at Delhi University and is pursuing a graduate degree. She hails from a traditional family, and her sister is a YouTuber and lifestyle vlogger. Her family has always supported her endeavors, and she runs over four YouTube channels with her sister. Her passion for modeling dates back to her childhood.

Today, Pragati has a thriving YouTube channel, and she’s also a major influencer on Instagram. Her videos are extremely popular, with millions of subscribers. She also enjoys performing pranks and challenges, and has a huge following on Facebook and Instagram. If you want to know her personal details, you can read about her biography and see how she combines her work with her personal life.

Pragati Verma was born on the 14th of December 2001, making her a young lady of 21 years. She came from a middle-class Hindu family and has always dreamed of being an actress. She inherited a standard physical appearance, and her facial expressions are superb. Despite her humble background, Pragati is a talented YouTuber who has a following of over two million people. Her videos are humorous, and her life hacks and beauty tips are often shared on the site.

Pragati Verma Influencer

In 2016, Pragati Verma launched her YouTube channel. The young girl is a big fan of Bollywood singer Darshan Raval and made several videos aimed at him during her early days. The family supports her passion and she has more than four YouTube channels and millions of subscribers. Pragati’s videos have often been described as funny, and she has also worked with some big Indian YouTubers.

A famous Youtuber and Instagrammer, Pragati Verma has a large fan base. She has become an internet sensation since she posted inspiring captions and Reels on her channel. Her fan base is enormous, and her posts have attracted millions of views. You can learn more about Pragati Verma’s influencer biography from her YouTube and Instagram accounts. Try to keep up with her latest posts – it will be an awesome addition to your social media feed!

The rise of TikTok video sharing has helped Pragati Verma build a strong fan base. She also enjoys hanging out by the seaside and posts amazing pictures to her Instagram account. Besides being a rising star in the world of social media, Pragati enjoys answering fans’ questions and tries to be intelligent to them. Her posts on Instagram are often filled with exclusive content and IGTV recordings.

Pragati Verma Pets lover

The Indian YouTuber is very popular with her fans especially amongst Indian boys. She has a 3.2 million+ subscriber count on YouTube and has her own separate channel called Pragati Verma Shorts. Her YouTube channel has more than 500k followers and she uploads videos of her ‘Superpower Series’. The YouTuber has also received sponsorships from brands to create their own videos.

She is an influencer and a popular Instagrammer and YouTuber. The Indian star has a huge fan following thanks to her inspirational Reels and captions. She has a huge following and loves red, yellow and black dresses. Although she is health conscious, Pragati also enjoys eating chocolates, pizza and traveling. If you want to know more about Pragati Verma, read her full bio below.

Pragati was born in Gorakhpur, U.P., India in 2001. She is a Hindu and comes from a middle-class Hindu family. did her early education in India. She is now an internet sensation with over 49K subscribers on her YouTube channel. This young girl is a dog lover and is a big fan of the adorable pet. In fact, she loves dogs so much, she shares that love with her viewers.

Pragati Verma Wants to be a Bollywood actress

In her free time, Pragati Verma makes fun videos. She is a fan of Bollywood singer Darshan Raval and made a few videos targeting him in her early days. The YouTube sensation has worked with other famous YouTubers and has more than four domain channels with millions of subscribers. Her videos are very popular because they contain hilarious content. If you’d like to see her work, check out her website.

The young model and YouTube star has been following Bollywood stars since childhood. Her self-titled Youtube channel has almost two million subscribers. She likes to post Vlogs, pranks, and challenges. She also keeps up with fashion and latest trends. In fact, Pragati has an immense fan following on her social media pages. She has also been making videos on cooking, vlogging, and other activities.

Her social media account has a huge fan following and she shares her in-vogue outfits with her followers. Her videos have over three hundred thousand subscribers around the world. Pragati Verma is a health-conscious girl and loves traveling. She has an avid following on both Facebook and Instagram. The model makes money through paid organizations such as Vogue and H&M. However, she has yet to become a Bollywood star, but she does plan to do so.

Pragati Verma Family

You may be wondering how Pragati Verma is related to the celebrities in her life. It is a well-known fact that she was born in the state of Uttar Pradesh, India. Her mother is a former television actress and she is also very close to her. She has become an internet sensation by sharing videos of herself on YouTube and she is also quite active on social media. Her hobbies and interests include watching romantic movies and listening to music.

She lives with her parents and younger sister in Delhi, NCR. Her family is supportive, and she has a German Shepherd dog. parents are very supportive, and her sister is a YouTuber and lifestyle vlogger. Her family has always been supportive of her career. She runs four+ YouTube channels with her sister, which has millions of subscribers. She has always been interested in modeling, and her family has always supported her.

Despite her rise to fame, Pragati Verma has a family background that makes her the subject of numerous bios. The Vermas were a renowned Indian family that raised many children. Pragati Verma’s parents also raised a large number of children. They moved to New Delhi in the early 2000s, and her father had a dream of becoming a Bollywood actress. In addition to her YouTube videos, Pragati is also active on Instagram and Facebook.

Pragati Verma Social media accounts

Instagram star Pragati Verma has been making waves with her inspiring captions and Reels. This young model has over 2.25 million followers and runs her own YouTube channel. She enjoys vlogging, doing pranks, and following trends. Her videos are entertaining and educational. Her most popular video has garnered 13 million views. YouTube channel also has a massive fan base. Pragati Verma is one of the most popular female stars in India.

Aside from her YouTube videos, Pragati Verma maintains two social media accounts. Her personal account is Pragati Verma Shorts, and her YouTube channel is Pragati’s. It’s easy to find her on both platforms. Both accounts have a variety of content. You can follow Pragati Verma on both Twitter and Instagram, or you can visit her official site.

Pragati Verma’s Instagram and Youtube channels are popular among people in her age range. She regularly posts pictures of herself modeling and modern outfits. Her social media profiles have gained her a reputation on these platforms and have drawn the attention of several brands. Her cute smile, her amazing looks, and her incredible persona have earned her followers and increased her following. She is a health fanatic and has 2.25M+ followers on her YouTube Channel.


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