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Recipe for a Delectable Mango Cake, Perfect for Summertime


Good snacks bring a special kind of happiness to life that nothing else can match. A mango dessert has a certain summertime vibe, but any sweet treat can do. Mangoes are one of the finest things that come with summer. Enjoy the season’s luscious mangoes in cake form for a new level of decadence. While it’s simple to place an online cake order in Pune, the real joy is in making your own.

Yes, we know that cake baking in this weather is no easy feat. But you can’t dispute how much better the fruit of your labour tastes when it’s your own doing. The cake you bake will be a piece of cake thanks to our simple recipe ( you see what we did there ). Gather ’round, grab a pair of oven mitts, and let’s bake something together.

The following ingredients are required to prepare this delicious cake and if you are not a good chef just order this cake from the best online cake shop nearby:

·        200 grams of all-purpose flour

·        Two teaspoons of baking powder

·        Half a teaspoon of baking soda

·        120 ml vegetable oil

·        One full cup of caster sugar

·        60 grams of milk

·        Two teaspoons of vanilla extract

·        One whole cup of mango puree

·        120 grams of cream cheese

·        Half a cup of butter

·        One and a half cups of sugar icing

·        One gram of cardamom powder

And, at last

·        Fresh mango slices and cubes for garnishing

After gathering the ingredients, we can begin cooking.

·        To begin, prepare two cake pans by coating the surface with butter or vegetable oil and heating the oven to 180 degrees Celsius to reduce the risk of burning the cake.

·        Put the all-purpose flour, baking powder, and baking soda into a bowl of adequate size. The next step is to begin mixing the items together. Make sure all the dry ingredients are combined in a separate bowl, then set it aside.

·        Put some vegetable oil and caster sugar into a separate basin and mix well. Carefully combine the two components, keeping an eye out for lumps. Once you’ve made sure they’re thoroughly combined, you may put the bowl away.

·        The mango puree can be made by blending as many mango cubes as possible in a blender. Mango puree should be added to the vegetable oil mixture once it has finished preheating, and whisking should resume. Into the same bowl in which the puree has been thoroughly combined, gradually add the milk and vanilla extract.

·        The next step is to give the mixture a good beating to incorporate all of the ingredients. Then, transfer the dry ingredients from their basin to the bowl containing the puree batter, and begin folding the two together. Keep in mind that you should fold the batter instead of beating it this time to preserve the cake’s flavour and texture.

·        In order to bake the cake, take the two prepared pans and divide the mixture between them. Remember that the cake will rise, so fill the pans just halfway. To bake the cake, keep the oven at the same preheated temperature and leave it in for 30–35 minutes. Simply insert a toothpick into the centre of the cake; if it comes out clean, the cake is ready. If you want to avoid a disaster, wait until the cake has cooled slightly before removing it from the pan and then setting it on the stand.

·        The frosting is made by mixing together cream cheese, butter, a pinch of vanilla extract, and cardamom powder. The key is to keep beating, either with a manual mixer or electric beater, until the mixture is light and airy.

·        When the cake has cooled, cut it in half horizontally so you have four circular servings. Set them side by side and sandwich some icing in between each layer. Spread frosting all over the cake, beginning at the edges and working your way up the top once you’ve stacked the layers. Finally, use the remaining tasty mango slices and cubes to decorate the top of the cake in any way you see fit. You’ll need to chill the cake for about an hour so the frosting can harden before you can dig in.


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