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Skandagiri Trek – The Night trek of India



Everyone wants to have a peaceful weekend or even a quick getaway from the stress of their lives and the tense cities. But finding the perfect location for this day is a difficult job if one isn’t well-informed of these locations.

These days, a lot of people prefer the tranquil and tranquil stretches of hills and mountains to hike with family and friends for a great way of enjoyment and recreation. These kinds of hikes don’t only provide plenty of excitement and fun, but also assist in relaxing minds and relieving the stress off one’s mind during the surreal moments.

One of the most famous places to enjoy a day of recreation is Skandagiri close to Bangalore. It’s a hilly region comprised of mainly temples and rocks. It’s well-known for its pilgrimage and treks.

Location and other physical features

Skandagiri is a stunning hill range located about 60 kilometers away from Bangalore city and three kilometers from Chikballapur. Chikballapur. Skandagiri is located in a tiny village known as The Kalavara Halli and is also often called Kalavara Durga. But, Kalwarbetta is another name for Skandagiri in the local regions.

The Skandagiri is accessible easily as it is far from the cities, and the transportation and communication routes are managed with a good degree of ease and, therefore, it is easy for visitors to get the area without difficulty.

The Skandagiri is situated at an elevation approximately 4430 feet from the ground , and so creates a great terrain for trekkers. Additionally, the huge cultural and heritage significance of Skandagiri is a desired destination for pilgrims looking to find peace in the sanctuary of God.

Culture and legend revolving around skandagiri

Legend has it that Skandagiri is one of the 5 hills, or Panchang Iris as they’re most commonly known in Indian tradition. In reality, the Panchagiris is a well-known treasure of the culture and history of Karnataka. The Panchagiris comprise among them the Chandragiri, Hemagiri, Nandi Giri, Brahmagiri and the Skandagiri.

The route that leads to this trek Skandagiri trekking begins at in the Papagni Mutt( Mutts are similar to the monasteries in Hinduism) and is known as one of the most ancient Mutts in Karnataka and the trek extends to the remains of forts that were built in the 18th century, which are located at the top of the hill.

Skandagiri trek

Skandagiri is a popular destination. Skandagiri is also well-known and is favored by lots of tourists and trekkers for its short-distance trek. The trek to Skandagiri takes a total of 4-5 hours which includes the time required to climb and going down the hill. Numerous paid trek guides lead those who are trekking and take them to the stunning places on and off the hill. They also answer the questions that are asked by tourists and trekkers regarding the significance of the culture and history of Skandagiri and guide visitors down the historic memory lane by utilizing the fort’s ruins located on the hilltop. The stunning panorama from the summit of the town that is nearby is a delight for the eyes.

Traversing through the trails at night

One of the most popular attractions to The Skandagiri can be the evening trek. The night treks are amazing and stunning. The rocky terrain that you traverse through in the dark , dark night beneath the bright moon during an excursion with companions is among the most memorable experiences one could ever have. Night treks are usually guided by guides who lead those who are trekking along the treacherous path of Skandagiri.

Along the path, one is able to see lush green trees and plants scattered across the hill. The darkness can make the view of the route a little challenging and lights are employed to get around this obstacle. The night trek is finished at 6 am, and the next day it begins after mid-night. The trek is concluded with a stunning sunrise from the summit of Skandagiri and the view is breathtaking and an amazing sight to eyes. Many people prefer trekking at night more so than during the day trip because it is more serene and thrilling. Additionally the night trek can shield you from the heat of summer.

In 2022, nearly two years of Covid Pandemic night hike through the Skandagiri allows you to reflect on the blessings that have been presented to us the benefit of living. The bright crimson sky that appears at the beginning of the morning sunrise from the summit of Skandagiri is like the sky in the morning of Karnataka is covered in vermillion.

Attractions of skandagiri

There are plenty of things to experience along the hike. The stunning trees as well as the bushes, shrubs and trees are just one example. Additionally, Skandagiri is known for the stunning rock formations. The rock formations are huge that they’re visible from the mountain that is Nanda Giri. The path of Skandagiri is mostly covered in rock, mud and boulders.

The top of the hill is another sight that is what makes Skandagiri the most sought-after destination to visit, the long-standing Shiva Temple. It is believed to have in around the year 1850. It is considered to be of the highest level of reverence and faith due to the fact that even forts and walls that surround the temple are in disrepair The temple, however, is still surrounded with awe and reverence.


Skandagiri is a stunning and captivating trek for those seeking a short, intimate and intimate encounter with nature, a little away from the hustle and bustle of city life, to be immersed in an enthralling culture, rich history and peace, as well as to admire the beauty of Karnataka. If you’re looking for an evening trek that will alter your perception of life and make you enjoy nature in a more profound way, then it’s Skandagiri!


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