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Spice Up Your Blogs in 7 Effective Ways


Blogging has become commonplace, with different bloggers coming up with their share of blogs. The core of creating a successful blog is crafting informative, helpful, and relevant content for your audience. However, even if you come up with a good-quality blog but fail to promote it effectively, you can never succeed in your field.

Whether you are working on an escape rooms Tempe blog or even a food blog, you need to know the vital niches that will help you enhance the success of your blog. You will quickly come across numerous bloggers who have already given up blogging as they don’t get instant results. But ensure that you do not get swayed by what you see and instead hold on to your blog and work hard on it nevertheless. 

To further help you in spicing things up in your blog, our article is here for you:

1.  Spin a catchy headline!

Your headline provides the necessary hook to your readers and pulls them to check out your blog. So, if your blog does not have a catchy headline, for starters, it will be hard for you to grab the attention of your viewers. Your blog may be swarming with all the much-needed information and will still not attract any audience if it does not have a catchy headline. 

Now, if you are stuck wondering how exactly you can create an attractive headline for your blog, here are a few helpful ways to get you started:

  • You can use the so-called “trendy” words in your headline. 
  • You can use headline testing and analyzing tools available in the market today to find out whether your headline is worth it.

2.  Refine your keyword store.  

Your viewers on the web will generally look for relevant articles with the help of a group of keywords. Therefore, using the right keywords is vital to help drive your audience to your blog. Even though your blog may not aim to increase its rankings on the Search Engine Results Pages, targeting the most relevant keywords is nevertheless vital. 

However, do not randomly irrelevant stuff keywords to your content since it will break the flow of your content. Instead, ensure that you spread all your keywords evenly throughout your content! In this way, once you start incorporating keywords judiciously in your blog, you can gather new viewers to your blog effectively over time. 

3.  Level up your degree of readability

Your audience has landed on your blog. So, the next most vital thing is to ensure that you hold on to their attention. Forget all the rules and regulations of essay writing that your school teacher had taught you. When writing blogs, you must ensure that they are compelling, engaging, and immersive for your readers. The readability of your blog is a vital factor that allows your readers will check out the entire length of your blog or not. 

To increase the degree of readability of your blog, you need to space out things and separate the essential sections so that readers quickly notice them at a glance. Here are a few valuable techniques that you can follow to enhance the readability of your content:

  • Instead of writing one enormous fat paragraph, divide it into small sections with headings or sub-headings
  • You can incorporate bullet points or numbered lists wherever you can 
  • Ensure there is enough whitespace on your website to give a break to your readers’ eyes

4.  Offer experts guest posting opportunities.

Guest posting can help you not only increase the organic traffic to your blog but will also help you to enhance the quality of your blog. However, do not just randomly offer guest posting opportunities to any content writer. Instead, ensure that you only provide experts the opportunity to work on guest posting articles for your blog. This way, you will not be compromising on the quality of your blog. 

Looking for experts to write guest posting articles can often seem a tricky little business. So, get going and start looking for experts in your industry who will be willing to post their essays on your blog. You can use tools like Google Alerts or Social Mention to find influencers already talking about your brand and approach them for guest posting. 

5.  Get your viewers to tweet!

Now, this can be a pretty fun idea! You need to highlight a few phrases or quotes in your blog and add a tweet button next to it. In this way, not only will you benefit from highlighting a few keywords, but you will also get to keep your viewers engaged. 

It will also help you to break away from the monotony of your blog format and offer your readers a break. Nowadays, bloggers on WordPress can easily incorporate this tweet feature on their blogs! 

6.  Dress (Visual) to Impress!

A few visuals popping in here and there in your blog can help you break away from making your blog a monotonous wall of texts. Using a few images or videos in your blog can help you engage with your readers effectively. 

Leveraging visuals in your blog content also helps you to enhance your branding strategies. You can keep your images and videos in sync with your brand logo, font, or colors to ensure that you have a consistent presence across the web! 

7.  Increase your number of posts

You see, consistency is the key to success! Though you may have formatted your blog well and have laid out fancy graphics to grab the attention of your viewers, it will be of no good to post once in a blue moon. Remaining consistent in creating and publishing your blog posts is essential for you. 

So, you need to invest more time and effort in your blog to spurn the perfect blog post! From deciding what you will post about to how exactly you wish to fashion your post, there are several factors that you need to consider.

Blogging calls for the investment of sufficient time and effort on the part of the blogger. So, remember the seven effective ways discussed above and let your blog be a booming success over time!


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