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The 3 top Samsung smartphones to buy refurbished.


The world of premium flagship devices has witnessed a rapid transformation over the past decade, and what once was a testbed of new technologies has grown to become the smartphones that define the brand. Across the world, these devices have managed to garner immense popularity and praise, and those are something that just keeps growing at a rapid pace.

The innovations and technological wizardry that goes into crafting these machines are simply mind-boggling, and vast resources are expended each year to update these devices with the best and newest features there are.

But on the contrary, these rapid developments have pushed the prices of these devices sky high, and a large portion of the population who aspired to own and enjoy these devices, are unable to do so. Companies update the devices frequently, even before they have reached their usable lives, thereby relegating almost new devices to the annals of obsolescence, and this is a phenomenon that can be observed all across the board.

One industry that has taken it upon itself to change and improve this situation is the refurbished smartphone sector, and they are growing at truly breakneck speeds. As a result, the people who were limited by budgetary constraints when the devices were new, can now pick them up for a fraction of the original price. The refurbished market has reduced the samsung s9 price to such an extent that they are now available for the prices of mid-range devices.

Well, while we are on the topic of the Samsung S9, let us take a look at some of the other Samsung devices that have witnessed a similar fall in prices, and now anyone looking for samsung phones buy uk can do so.

The refurbished Samsung dream team.

We mean it when we say it, Samsung smartphones that were once considered top of the line, are available for highly affordable prices in the used market, and some of the devices that have attained prominence are as follows.

Samsung Galaxy S9.

When it comes to an era-defining flagship smartphone, the Samsung Galaxy S9 is at the absolute zenith. Featuring a curved display, something that also served as one of its USPs, the samsung s9 price has seen a rapid descent, and one can pick up a refurbished one for a small fraction of what it once was. This device came equipped with a 5.8-inch display and was powered by an Exynos 9810 or a Snapdragon 845 processor, depending on the market. The battery backup was never an issue since the stock 3000mAh battery was good enough for a decent usage period and the camera setup brought many segment-first features as well.

One of the highlights of the Samsung S9 was its audio system which was specifically tuned by AKG. Even the headphones that came with these devices were supplied by AKG as well. For anyone who is looking for samsung phones buy uk, this is an option that they should definitely consider.

Samsung Galaxy S10.

Succeeding the Galaxy S9 here as well, the Samsung Galaxy S10 proved to be one of the first devices to feature the new Samsung design language. The first one of the series, the S10 was accompanied by the S10e, the S10+, and the S10 lite. The screen size was a massive 6.1-inch and sported one of the best viewing experiences ever witnessed on a smartphone. The octa-core Exynos or Snapdragon processor made any task that one threw at it, a cakewalk, and a massive RAM of 8 GB ensured that the device stayed lag-free. These devices featured quick charging, and the 3400 mAh battery that it came with delivered enough juice to last for a day. The headphones that these devices came with were supplied by AKG as well, and this was one of the last smartphones to do that, post which most of the premium flagship devices eliminated the 3.5 mm headphone jack entirely. A significant storage capacity of 128GB and a stellar camera performance makes it one of the best devices to buy refurbished.

Samsung Galaxy S20 Plus.

If you are someone who wishes to own and operate the very latest, even when it comes to refurbished premium flagships, then this is the device for you. Equipped with the best hardware bits there are, these smartphones feature several never-before-seen elements, some of which are its Exynos 990 octa-core processor, and a gargantuan 12 GB of RAM, thereby making this one of the fastest phones out there. An intuitive 6.7-inch quad HD+ sAMOLED display brings the best of viewing experiences to the table, and this device is 5G enabled as well. A massive 4500 mAh battery and extendable storage of 1TB make this device quite future-proof as well, and the camera performance is top-notch as well. These devices are quite popular on the refurbished market, and it is advisable that you get one from a reputed reseller to ensure quality and standard of service.

Final take:

If you are looking for a samsung phones buy uk, then the aforementioned trio would be the best ones out there, and the best part? All of them are available at pretty steep discounts when compared to their list prices. It is advisable that you do your proper research before picking one up so that you get the best results possible.


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