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The Ultimate Guide to 12 Hidden WordPress Features You Might Not Know About


WordPress is an outstanding component of programming technology in the eyes of many. Its wide adaptability allows this to become everything anyone requires on the Internet. There may be some WordPress functionalities that you are overlooking.

WordPress, presume it or not, is chock-full of important functions that most users are unaware of. This post will go through the top WordPress features users may not have previously considered.

Just like escape rooms, WordPress has concealed nothing. It’s simply that we aren’t aware of each of these wonderful aspects.

You can make this change now, which will influence the overall attainment of organizational goals and web applications.

1.  Display choices  

Screen Settings may expand the capabilities of specific administration pages. Navigate all the way to the top right-hand corner of the admin area to discover Screen Options, just under the “Howdy ‘Your Name'” display.

Users may switch various aspects of individual administration pages using Different Requirements, including documents, articles, remarks, buttons, menus, add-ons, and much more. Try this out to discover how much you can push or pull the features of your WordPress workplace.

2.  Support  

You may use support before researching the topic at hand because it is positioned beside the display choices. The support instructions will alter depending on the login screen you’re visiting. For example, if you’re in the post editor section, your help choices will appear differently. As you’ve seen, the help tool is indeed an excellent method to go further into specific administrative web pages. 

3.  Posting and Pages Configuration  

Whether you’re a newcomer to writing on WordPress, perhaps you could have missed Post Preferences and Page Tools, which have been at the top right of both the post editor and webpage editor, respectively. Here are a few essential tasks to be mindful of:

  • One may use Visibility to open their postings or only be visible to a specified community (viewing will passcode).
  • The ability to make a message Sticky makes it appear initially, again after fresh blog entries are written.
  • Anyone may also adjust a post’s publication. A weblog post’s position will vary if it changes its publishing date.
  • Use Modifications if, by chance, a user wishes to go back to a previous version of the article (for example, if the internet access goes down or they lose the effort). A revision is done every day. You ultimately save the document. 

4.  Editor Preferences

Maybe you should have pondered about specific post editor icons and what functions they perform. Some indicators appear confusing at first look, but there are many graphical descriptions of the editor’s few characteristics:

If you are familiar with HTML, anyone may implement alterations to your article while in Text Editor style. For example, if you want to incorporate a movie, you’d enter the HTML below on the screen.

image 26
The Ultimate Guide to 12 Hidden WordPress Features You Might Not Know About 4

1.  Rapid Editing  

Need to update the post quickly? Though Fast Editing does not allow you to modify the content of a blog, you may change specific characteristics like the title, URL, time, creator, sections, and so on and so forth.

Utilizing Instant Edit in conjunction with Customizable Screen Options makes it possible to make massive adjustments to articles quickly.

2.  Panel with “hidden” secret choices.  

One can go to this hidden location by visiting http://yoursite.com/wp-admin/options.php. Then proceed, keeping in mind the steps ahead. Updating modifications here might land you in hot water. Adjustments should only be made to these very last options.

3.  Other alternatives  

Aside from using shortcut keys via the post editing toolbar, you could also enter specific actions to have them suddenly turned into some sort of style.

There are a few options we may use for your Graphical Organizer. For example, entering “##Heading2” will generate an H2 title. Once you input it, simply hit submit, and you’re done!

Furthermore, the shortcut (entity ids and values) listed beneath the display may be entered directly into the Text File to generate the corresponding icons/outcomes.

4.  Favorite Plug-Ins

When signed into your WordPress.org profile, you may keep any plugins under the favorites section. This is incredibly useful unless you’re looking for extensions to download but wouldn’t want to download everything all at once (since downloading all of them generates website congestion and possible security risks).

Select any plugins you think you would wish to download. And about the WordPress plugin, then download it. You are determined to want them installed. Whenever you want a plugin, it will appear in your List of favorites on both the Plugin login screen and the Plugins Catalogue.

5.  Creating Landing Pages

Whenever it comes to internet marketing, the Home Page is amongst the most important components. WordPress themes make it possible to create fantastic web pages that are entirely adaptable to the requirements.

Why stress about creating the ideal website if one can create it right now, even without the knowledge of HTML? Utilizing Site Origin’s Website Builder is a good example.

image 27
The Ultimate Guide to 12 Hidden WordPress Features You Might Not Know About 5

1.  Shortcodes Boost Productivity  

Short codes are bits of code that may be used just about anywhere in WordPress. These may be configured to accommodate almost any type of programming. This could save everyone a lot of time.

For instance, the Envira Gallery plugin has a short code that allows you to insert the complete picture collection into any WordPress particular page. Other add-ons can also rapidly add a Google Map to existing websites.

2.  Ticketing System for Projects

If you already have repeated customers, a booking system on the site might help you create maintenance requests more efficiently. Several plugins provide capabilities and competencies, which may offer your site more professional development programs.

Someone will additionally provide customers with updates on the individual project.

The outstanding Support add-on is a beautiful illustration of whatever you can accomplish with this.

3.  Content Available Only Two Members

Some webmasters restrict access to content to allowed users only. Effectively, you’re preventing users from accessing material unless they purchase or enroll on the webpage.

You may provide free content or charge a membership fee for your work. Subscription and Content Restrictions extensions can help build such networks while potentially boosting awareness of the organization.

More features to learn about

●     System of Feedback  

Do you really have any initiatives that depend on input from customers? Some plugins might provide a forum for consumers to tell their stories while still offering an online feedback system.

Some will even include a community consensus so that other users may express their enthusiasm for the initiative. Somebody like that might be extremely beneficial to computer and gaming creators.  

●     Completely Operable Forums  

Boards are among the most popular website elements on the World wide web. According to estimates, Reddit, an internet discussion network, attracts over 1.2 billion unique visitors every month.

Even if businesses don’t have the same levels of effectiveness, this function might assist drive website visitors.

●     Electronic commerce  

Many people seem to believe that WordPress is only for writing. This is eventually incorrect. WordPress may be transformed into almost anything, along with an eCommerce website for selling items online.

WooCommerce extensions are just as effective as many online retailer apps. By the way, the website could provide a powerful means of selling things to online clients.

image 28
The Ultimate Guide to 12 Hidden WordPress Features You Might Not Know About 6

●     Classified Host  

For centuries, classified advertising has been a feature of printed newspapers. Nowadays, businesses can get the same level of interaction and usefulness by using WordPress.

For example, the Comprehensive Listings & Directories Pro extension may assist you in creating a robust internet site to assist your group in reaching out to anyone.

●     Online Chat

Web chat and chatbots are ballooning venues on the Web. It helps sell even while entertaining the consumer. WP Live Chat help, for example, provides your internet presence a feeling of contact through the ability to encourage consumers to communicate immediately with the organization.

This mostly increases the number of sales completed through the webpage, but it is also wonderful customer care.  

●     Classifieds of Real Estate

Buying or leasing out real estate may be a successful business. Using the proper WordPress capabilities, you may easily add these advertisements to the site. Some of the most complex extensions, such as Property Investment Manager, include several features that allow customers to perfect their search settings.

●     Create Your Own Networking Site

If you really want to create your own community, then you might not have to replicate the appearance or feel of a leading social media hub. Plugins like Buddy Press give the capabilities needed to create a social platform that can then be tailored to your specific requirements.

Colors, symbols, customizable fields, and other elements may provide any community website that has an entirely distinct look.

●     Reservation Mechanisms  

An internet ticketing system might help small businesses like motels and vehicle rentals. The correct plugins can assist clients in reserving and removing certain goods from inventory. Some may even allow you to receive booking fees after the reservation.

Even newer plugins, such as BA Book Anything, can substantially enhance your offerings. That really is, if the company concept involves leases or gatherings somehow.

●     Putting Up a Job Network  

A job board might be useful even if you’re trying to fill one’s own roles or you work for a recruitment company. Several plugins might offer LinkedIn registration icons to help with the procedure.

Regions, kinds, classifications, and many other things, may be changed to suit your needs.

In cases like this, solutions like WordPress Job Management come in handy.

●     Make the Most of WordPress  

Few platforms provide the flexibility and functionality elements of WordPress when it comes to swiftly constructing a working website. If you believe you know everything and understand just about the platform, explore further into many features and WordPress capabilities. One could just unearth a rough diamond that will help you with your endeavors.

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As a takeaway, most WordPress features are not obvious at first look; understanding where these reside is the first step towards developing overall WordPress abilities.

WordPress is an open-source website template and content management system. Millions of consumers use it to develop one-of-a-kind websites and fascinate user experiences.

WordPress has hundreds of intriguing features, and new ones are constantly being introduced. Every update brings a few innovative features, so it’s easy to ignore some of them because they remain unaware of their presence.

WordPress is a versatile system that provides you to generate original, compelling content. It has many handy features meant to enhance your material production and assist you in creating fantastic web pages.

The best thing is that WordPress is always releasing new capabilities to assist content administrators in further streamlining their job.


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