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Triund Trek perfect weekend destination



Triund is a popular tourist destination in northern India. Triund is where most people heading to Mcleodganj and Dharamshala stop. Triund is a highly recommended destination, especially for young people and foreign visitors. It should come as no surprise that many new businesses will give you a range of choices for the Triund Trek. It shouldn’t come as a surprise that some of these travel companies are promoting even the strange and ridiculous ideas of showing movies and disturbing the calm and tranquillity of this stunning place.

Taj of Dharamshala and Mcleodganj’s

Triund is frequently referred to as the Taj of Dharamshala and Mcleodganj’s “heart.” About 9 to 10 kilometers separate Mcleod Ganj, Himachal Pradesh, and the climb to Triund. On one side, Triund offers breathtaking views of the Dhauladhar Mountains, while on the other, the Kangra Valley. It is a beautiful path surrounded by trees that is appropriate for people of all ages. Perhaps this explains why it is so well-known among hikers starting on their treks to Himachal Pradesh.

Itinerary for the Triund Trek to visit on the Weekends

To reach Dharamsala or McLeod Ganj and go until Triund, you can take one of the two routes detailed below:

Though it is doable, planning the ideal weekend break to Triund Trek can be highly stressful and take away from the actual delight of being alone as well as the weariness.

In Triund, tents are available for Rs. 300–500 per person. On the other hand, availability on demand could potentially result in an issue. In Triund, you might even hire a location to erect your camp. You can also stay at a woodland rest house near the peak of the mountain, but reservations are difficult to make. There are a limited number of rooms at Dharamsala and the Forest Rest House, therefore reservations are required otherwise, you can reserve lodging in McLeod Ganj through several neighborhood travel agencies.

They can help you by making reservations for meals and camping places. Even a few of the establishments in Mcleodganj hire out camping and trekking gear. It is advised to have your camping tent, tent, and Quechuas if you intend to mountaineer, walk, or trek in the Himalayas.

In Triund, there are many eateries. There are a few food-serving tea huts and dhabas. Triund Top’s menu items are somewhat pricey, therefore the easiest way to save money is to bring meals, some fruits, and an empty water bottle with you. You will pay 50 rupees for a bottle of water, 140 rupees for an entree of rajma or dal rice, and 70 rupees for an entire plate of Maggi. It is preferable if you bring a lot of fruit and water with you. You must always have a water bottle on hand, and you should fill it up as often as you need to. This will not only keep you hydrated but will also help to protect the Himalayas from plastic garbage. Every action you take in this direction, no matter how small, could help save the Himalayas as well.

The route to Triund is generally well-marked and is a moderately easy trek, climb, or route. You travel along the trail through the breathtaking forest. The voyage is fantastic save for a few snags here and there. Along the journey to Triund, there are many little businesses and tea huts where you can sip tea or Maggi. The trail’s midpoint gives a breathtaking vista and is a great place to take in the Dhauladhar Mountains in all their glory. Triund’s sunrises and sunsets are both spectacular, but if you enjoy taking photos, you’ll especially enjoy these sights.


In McLeodganj, most cellular networks are reachable. Triund cannot be reached through any means. The network typically comes and goes. It’s great to try it out while being disconnected for a while. You’ll adore it, I’m sure of it. In all circumstances, BSNL is the finest option in Himalaya.

To conclude, the trip to Triund Trek will no doubt be a worthy one and make you visit this place again with your family and your loved ones. The zeal and adventure of this trek will definitely make the trekkers fall in love with this place.


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