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Understand the Relevance of Travel Agents and have a Stress-free Travel


For a company’s survival, transparency with the consumer is a must, and it becomes even more pivotal in the case of the tourism industry. 

Since the advent of the internet, the world has been made available at the fingertips of consumers, who are increasingly and continuously looking for better deals and options over the internet. 

The stringent competition has pushed travel agents to engage with their customers who otherwise might purchase tickets directly from the airlines or other travelling agencies (competitors). 

Even though customers think they know the difference or advantages of booking online vs a travel agency, they are not entirely true. 

The growing travel industry

There are many important things and nitty gritty, which are important for any customer to be aware of. They should look for all the aspects while making travel bookings. 

For travelling on their own, many people have to borrow loans which later become difficult to pay back. This is usually in the case of unemployed people. Everybody loves to travel, and nobody likes it when finances become a constraint. 

Unemployed people usually avail payday loans unemployed and on benefits. This helps them fund their travel expenses despite having no job. 

In this case, it is wise of them to hire a travel agent and optimize their finances. With travel agents, you can end up your worries and travel in a carefree way. 

Advantages of travelling with travel agents

If you are planning to travel, read below the points and include a travel agent as the first step of your travel plan. 

You’re protected!

You may find numerous great deals over the internet, but you must be careful with your chosen agency. 

If the company dilutes, you will lose both your holiday and money. Hence, it is even more important to book with a travel agency that has been around for a while, knows the industry, and deals with trusted partners/suppliers. 

They would have ATOL protection, and so are you and your holiday. The last thing you would want is to find no flight when you turn up at the airport.

You can pay in instalments.

You can find deals or agencies where you can avail of the booking facility with an initial deposit and the balance payment in the form of instalments. 

There would be some restrictions like you can avail the instalment facility only for the hotels but not flights etc. 

Face-to-face interaction

While over the internet you can quickly compare and make the bookings but there isn’t anyone who you can speak with and get your doubts cleared. 

With an agency, you can always reach someone, talk face to face or on the phone, and get all your doubts and clarifications done. 

Having a person to talk to always builds trust and finds solutions to any issues or challenges you may face even during your holiday. 

In case of urgency, you have one point of contact to sort out all your worries. In the absence of travel agents, people become clueless and do not know what to do. 

They do the work

Looking online for holiday packages and making the bookings is a tedious and time-consuming process. It includes deciding the location first and then making the itinerary. 

It is made by researching what activities to do during your holiday, about the area, the right hotel, finding the right prices etc. It becomes an endless list of tasks to be taken care of for your holiday. 

It does take time and effort and often is stressful and difficult to decide what is best. What is the solution? Leave it to an expert! Let a travel agency do this for you, give you the options and explain; you only have to choose amongst the options. 

Imagine how much time and effort you would save, and not only this, you would be making much more informed choices.  

The prices you will get would be almost similar to what you could have searched online, maybe a little higher, but that’s why you are paying a little extra, so save time, effort and access to their knowledge. 


Even if you research online and find (customize) a great holiday deal online, you do not know anything about the destination or other factors. For, i.e. you may arrive at the destination and find the weather unsuitable. 

A travel agent, who is an expert, can give you their expert advice which might come in handy and help you with making better choices, be it the destination, time of visit, choosing hotels, selecting the area to stay in and much more which will help you to have a great time during the holiday.  

In fact, many travel agents love to travel and travel by themselves to all the places and can share their firsthand experiences of the destination you are going to. 


You need to book with different providers to bag a good overall package, i.e. Hotel Company, flights, local commute, etc. 

And hence you have to keep track of all the different confirmations. 

But when you plan and book with a travel agency, you need not worry about keeping track of everything. Everything is in one place and allows you the flexibility to find what you want in one place and at the right price.

Changes and cancellations

Booking with a travel agency also allows you to make changes, amendments or even cancellations in the best possible ways. 

While on the other hand, when you have done it by yourself, one change leads to changes across all the bookings (hotel, travel etc.), while a travel agency will amend the whole trip and make the required changes to whatever length possible. 

You would not be facing the message/voice from the call centre saying sorry, and nothing can be done. A travel agent will do their best to make something work for you even at the last hour. 


Booking with a travel agent can be advantageous. You have all the flexibility and benefits as your travel agent is shouldering the responsibility for your travel. 

You can travel around the world in a carefree way. You know where to go and get things sorted if something goes wrong. 


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