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What is Terrazzo?


Terrazzo is a composite material precast with chips of quartz, marble, granite, glass, and other such materials along with a binder. It is used for the floors as well as the walls. After it is set, it is ground, cured, and polished smooth to fabricate a smooth yet textured office.

What are Terrazzo Bathroom Tiles?

Do you like the Terrazzo look? Do you want to make it a part of your décor? Then,Terrazzo Bathroom Tiles is the right way to go for. There is a wide range of different options available keeping in with the latest trend.

The luxurious feel of the terrazzo has been perfectly combined with the functionality of the tiles. These are extensively used in home designs as an attractive alternative to granite or marble. When compared to the natural material, Terrazzo Bathroom Tiles are also much cheaper.

Chief Features of Terrazzo Bathroom Tiles:

The most common characteristics of Terrazzo Bathroom Tiles are:

(1) Stunning Looks: Terrazzo Bathroom Tiles bring home class and elegance. The intricate designs and unique patterns will compel anyone to take a second look at the tiles. Give your bathroom a sophisticated touch by pairing these tiles with contemporary or classic furnishing. Jazz up your décor with Terrazzo Tile Flooring while keeping it subtle.

(2) Durability: The exquisite look of Terrazzo Bathroom Tiles is perfectly balanced with the durability of the ceramic material. The raw materials used in the production process ensure their durability and longevity. If you are looking for the strongest bathroom tiles available in the market, Terrazzo Bathroom Tiles will be perfect for you. Also, the tiles have a low water absorption rate which makes them long-lasting.

(3) Stain and Scratch Resistant: The surface of Terrazzo Bathroom Tiles remains the same for several years to come. These tiles have an upper coating that makes them stain, smudge as well as scratch-resistant. Even if there is accidental spillage of acids and other chemicals, the surface of the tiles will remain undamaged.

(4) Low Maintenance: It is quite convenient to clean and maintain Terrazzo Bathroom Tiles. Cleaning the surface of the tile does not involve much hassle. Make your bathroomspotless within minutes with just a few swipes of damp cloth or mop. Even after years of tear and wear, there will be no fading of the finish of the tile.

(5) EnvironmentFriendly Option: The best feature of Terrazzo Bathroom Tiles is that it is made from recyclable material. It is mainly made from pieces of quartz, marble, and glass. Besides being environment-friendly, the materials give an elegant and unmatched design. Ceramic material is also made from natural ingredients like clay. Also, there is a very less chance that the tile will emit any kind of allergen.

(6) Large Variety: You can get Terrazzo Bathroom Tiles in a wide variety of patterns, colors, designs, and finishes. These tiles will instantly enhance the appeal of any room. You can place these tiles as a precious jewel in the crown of your room.

What are Finger Tiles?

Finger Tiles,also known as Kit Kat Tiles, are small and slim rectangular-shaped tiles that are used to create a feature element throughout the home. Owing to their decorative nature and shape, these tiles are most often used as a wall feature. There are some options that can be used as a tile flooring solution thatallow for a world of creativity in your next design project.

Finger Tiles in the bathroom

Finger Tiles help create a wonderfully textured surface in the bathroom. Thus, they are an excellent choice for designing a feature wall in the shower or behind an opulent variety. The beauty of these tiles is that they offer you the flexibility of designing either a bold or more subdued feature wall sothat you can experiment with color and texture in the space. You can also pair them with light or dark grout colors to either contrast the tile’s color or complement it completely to create a strong statement in the space.

Finger Tiles in the kitchen

Bring life, pattern, and texture to your design scheme by using Finger Tiles in the kitchen. Besides providing an excellent choice as a splashback tile, these tiles can also be used in many other ways throughout the space for a decorative and timeless touch.

These tiles being smaller in size offers more flexibility in the ways they can be installed. Thus, you can use Finger Tiles in a range of different ways in the kitchen. You can wrap these tiles around a kitchen island, which makes for an eye catching dramatic finishing touch to the space.


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