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Why is Game Designing a Good Career Option?


A good career doesn’t necessarily have to be one of those ubiquitous nine-to-five jobs with a decent commute and mandatory benefits. It can also be a career in game designing – a field that comprises creativity, passion, and skill with an amazing potential to turn your passion for designing a whore GAME into your profession.  Although in recent times, game designing is one of the most preferred professions among youngsters.

And why not? With high and escalating salary prospects, job security as there is a high demand for manpower in the gaming industry, and huge job satisfaction as well. This article explores the many facets of game design and how they can be used to break into the field.

Gaming Industry Outlook

If you haven’t started playing video games yet, you might do so soon. The video game industry is booming and is expected to continue expanding.

The Global Entertainment and Media Outlook 2022–26 from PwC projects that the expansion will increase the value of the global gaming sector to $321 billion by 2026. The Entertainment Software Association released its annual report on the state of the gaming industry, and there’s one major takeaway: things are looking pretty darn good for gamers. With a global economic impact of $90.4 billion in 2019, the video game industry is bigger than movies ($38 billion) and music ($15 billion) combined!

Just as interesting to note, though, are some other numbers from the report – like how nearly half (47%) of adults in America play video games with 33% considering themselves “avid” gamers. When you take into account how many people globally play video games – 2.6 billion people – it becomes clear that our favorite pastime has been going through a renaissance in recent years.

2017 was another big year for gaming with more than 270 million people playing new games and 2.6 billion hours being spent playing in-home and online. Some of the biggest games to come out last year were Fortnite, PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds (PUBG), and Call of Duty WWII.

Reasons to Choose Game Designing:

Make use of your logical and creative abilities

Video game ideas, structures, and rules are conceptualized by game designers; some focus on more outwardly artistic tasks like scriptwriting or level design, while others work on level mechanics or gameplay design. In either case, using aesthetic and creative abilities in addition to technological expertise will be part of your job as a game designer. Planning how different components of the game will function is essential, such as how a character will deal with challenges or how the player will gain points for completing tasks, which requires analytical thinking and organization. Learn: whataretheskillsnecessarytobecomeagameDeveloper.

Work in a positive, relaxed, and fun work environment

The culture of game design is distinct from that of any other industry. The enthusiasm, dedication, and creativity of employees who are living their passions are inspiring. As a game designer, you get to experience the utmost gratification of producing a whole product that you love and that others will enjoy.

Enjoy a stable job in a booming field

The video game industry is ever-evolving. Throughout your career, you’ll have the chance to learn new things, and there will never be any boring moments. At the same time, you’ll benefit from the stability of a permanent career because the video game industry is well established. (We have also given proper data stats above so that you can easily understand whether there is a demand for game designers or not.. well you are smart enough for that!)

Earn a handsome salary

Game designers and developers are in huge demand. The 2021 Occupational Employment Statistics from the Bureau of Labor Statistics show that software developers earn an average national yearly pay of $120,730. Based on location, years of experience, years of specialty within the profession, and a number of other criteria, actual compensation may differ significantly. In recent times we have seen India turning into a hotspot for game creation, therefore designers who work for companies there may anticipate significantly higher average salaries.

Make a living by assisting others in having enjoyment

Whether it’s a fantasy realm or a sports field, interactive entertainment is about more than simply escape. It’s about people of all ages having fun in an immersive setting.

How to Get into the Gaming Industry ?

The best way to Get into the industry is with the assistance of game designing courses. Because game designing courses are designed in such a way that a young tech as well creative aspirants will be able to learn proper skills as per industry standards. Therefore, if you are one such aspirant that wants to break into the industry as a skilled professional then enrol your name in such game designing courses. 


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